Top 16 Games for All the Family


By Noha Nasrat & Translation by Dina Amir
Family and friends gatherings are always priceless; they carve precious unforgettable memories in our hearts and minds.  Games can make these gathering, even more, fun and create a strong bond between you and your beloved ones. You will remember each and every moment of your gaming time, your laughter, your sincere words, and even the picture of your loved ones around you in one place. Choosing games that suit the young and old is always the best way to bring everyone on one table.  So because Yaoota cherishes family time, we brought you this list of games that are suitable for all ages. Pick what you like, what suits your family and have a wonderful time.
1. Xbox One
The latest video gaming generation; you can play freely with no need for any tools. All you have to do is to move your body and hands as if you’re playing in real life; even for racing games, you need to act as if you’re actually driving, without having to hold any tools in your hands. You can also use voice orders and record your favorite music and listen to it while playing. It’s not just a game; it’s an effective way of stimulating your blood circulation. It’s totally opposite to video games that will make you gain weight, with the Xbox you will become more energetic and possibly loose weight. It’s a lot of fun, as it brings gaming to a whole new level of excitement and laughter.
Find the Xbox One here  for EGO 3, 755

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2. 3D puzzle

It’s the new version of the old traditional puzzle. It’s the latest type of puzzle. It’s suitable for all ages, 6 years and above. You get to form a popular building or a touristic landmark, which makes you feel as if you have constructed an actual building. Generally, puzzle enhances your memory and your concentration, regardless of your age.

You can find on many popular landmarks to choose from
ElMasjed ElHaram 3D puzzle for EGP 275

Eiffel tower 3D puzzle for EGP 270

Taj Mahal 3D puzzle for EGP 110 

3. Scrabble 

It’s an educational board game, like crosswords. Up to 4 players. It’s mainly a large board, along with 98 small squared pieces, with English letters on them and different numerical value for each piece. The other two unprinted pieces can replace any letter. Each player chooses 7 letters and tries to form a meaningful word in turn with the other players. Players compete to put their letters in the best places on the board. So you can enhance your kids’ vocabulary and spelling technique while having an intriguing family night.
Find scrabble here for EGP 48.90

4. Car racing

This game simulates the exciting cars and motorcycles racing. The goal is to complete a full short round first (on one side of the board game) or motorcycle racing (on the other side of the board game). There’re 15 unique types of racing with more than 350 DVDs full of challenges.
Find the car racing game here for EGP 74.99

5. Skylanders Pop N Race Board

It’s a plastic board, divided. It has 16 movers that you move according to the value on the dice.
Find the Skylanders pop N race board game here for EGP 145

6. Forbidden island

The team consists of 2-4 players trying to gather the maximum number of treasures from a dangerous place which is very challenging. This game enhances your ability to work under pressure and solve problems.
Find the Forbidden island game here for EGP 187

7. Jenga 

It consists of 54 wooden pieces, single or multiple players. All you have to do is put these pieces in a vertical way to construct a building, then each player has to drag one wooden piece without having the building destroyed, or else you loose.
Find Jenga here for EGP 260

8. Quiddler 

It’s suitable for all ages. It consists of cards that you use to form meaningful words. It’s educational, interesting and fun.
Find the Quiddler here for EGP 121

9. Chess

This game enhances intelligence and problem solving. Only 2 players can play; each one of them has a king, queen, bishops, horses, and knights. During the game, each player tries to win by overthrowing the king. It’s mobile, and light so you can take it if you’re going on a vacation or a family trip.
Find Chess here for EGP 75

10. Domino

It’s an interesting enjoyable game, where multiple players compete.  It consists of blocks, each with a different number of dots on them. Each player chooses 7 random blocks, then the first player adds a random block, and the following player should add a block that has the same number of dots as the number of dots on the block previously added. The game goes on until one of the players finishes his blocks, and he’s announced the winner or there are no matching blocks with all the players, and the winner would be the one who has the least number of dots.
Find the domino here for EGP 129

11. Darts

This game enhances your concentration and teaches you how to shoot accurately. It’s also a muscles exercise and can relief stress. It consists of a circular chart, that you hang on the wall; and 6 targets for 2 players, each 3 of a different color. You throw these targets on the circular chart. The score is calculated according to where you threw the target, as each area on this chart has a different value. The chart has numbers. The closer to the center you throw, the higher your score is. It’s perfect for family travels and vacations.
Find the darts game here for EGP 49

12. Playing cards

It’s one of the inevitable things in any family trip. Each set of cards consist of 52 cards, you can use the same cards in different card games. Some of these games are crazy 8, go fish, and solitaire and so on.
Find a set of playing cards here for EGP 150

13. Uno

It’s a multiplayer game that consists of a big number of cards; each player picks 7 cards, the remaining cards stay on the side. We put a certain number of cards in the middle. The players should put a card of the same color or number if you don’t have; you get to pick a card from the cards on the side. You have to say ‘uno’ before throwing your last card, or else you will have to withdraw two cards as a penalty. Whoever finishes his cards first, wins.
Find the Uno card game here for EGP 50

14. Monopoly

It’s a fun group game. It’s a big board, where there are many countries drawn on it. Each player has a car, and he moves according to the number he gets after throwing the dice. The player gathers the maximum number of cash to buy the maximum number of countries, farms, and garages. It’s a very interesting game for the entire family. The maximum number of player is 6.
Find Monopoly here for EGP 32.90

15. Ludo cars

It consists of a board divided into 4 different colors, for 4 different players. Each player picks a certain color, red, yellow, green, and blue. Each player throws the dice once, and according to the number he gets, you will move one of your colored pieces. The goal of this game is to reach the arrow in the middle before your competitors, after moving all your colored pieces around the whole board once.
Find the Ludo cars game here for EGP 40

16. Snakes and ladders

It’s a board with snakes, leader, and numbers drawn on it. You throw the dice, and you take a number of steps according to the number you got on the dice. You wait for your turn and take some steps, if you stop at a ladder, it will take you a few floors upwards and if you stop at a snake, you will go down a few floors again. The winner is the one who reaches the last number on the board first, the 100.
Find the snake and ladder game here for EGP 90

Think about the wonderful times you will have with your beloved ones and your family members and consider which game you will enjoy the most with them. Remember that Yaoota made it much easier for you; now you can order your games online, and they will be delivered to your doorstep. You can even choose the game with your family and friends to make sure it will be enjoyable for everyone.

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