Top 10 Home Fitness Equipment


By Alaa Aziz

For any person to be healthy and in good shape, they must definitely exercise or play any kind of sport regularly. But lately with the busy schedules of chores or work, it is becoming harder and harder to find the time to go out there and do something, and this is why Yaoota is bringing you the top 10 at home exercising products that are worth owning, so you can stay healthy, have time for family and relaxation as well.

Sports in general are must for every human being as it circulates energy, releases negative energy, and aids with muscle loss or muscle gain in general. Even if you don’t have the money or time you can still go for a 10-minute walk just to get the blood circulating.

Rubber Expander

This Rubber Expander is a magical exercise piece, although it existed since 1800 but still its one of the most powerful tools to train and build your chest muscles. You can get the best results by following these videos.

Offered for EGP 134.99

Find the Rubber Expander here

Push Ups Bars

Push-ups activate and train every muscle in your body, including shoulders, chest, middle back, neck, triceps and abdominal muscles (a.k.a six packs). And using a push-ups bar just multiplies the results as it makes the exercise harder.

If you want to get the best results from your push ups, check out this video.

We recommend one of those Push Up Bars.

Push Up Bars Offered for EGP 99

Push Up Bars Offered for EGP 119.99

Jump Rope

Besides being an interesting or may be even a boring exercise for lots of people, still its one of the easiest, simplest at home exercises that burns fats, increases endurance, helps you build muscles and reshapes/sculpt the body. 30 minutes or jumping rope burns approximately 350 calories also it helps in increasing cardiovascular fitness.

To learn how to jump rope in different ways, check out this video

Find the digital jumping rope that includes a display with a timer, a jump and calorie counter for EGP 69.99.

Total Core Twister

This machine is a six packs creator, as it helps you exercise the right parts of you abs in the correct positions. It’s also much easier to do abs using this twister and you will gain great results faster.

Find the total core twister here for EGP 350.


Who doesn’t enjoy running or walking while listening to their favorite music? But with limited suitable places to run outdoors and the cold weather, it can be very tough to run outdoors, so the treadmill is a very convenient way to run whenever and wherever you want. If you work for long hours, you can even leave it at work. Running helps in reducing stress and anxiety and increase stamina. It can also help with weight loss and increasing endurance. Just make sure when you are choosing a treadmill that its suitable for your weight and requirements

Yaoota has a lot of Treadmill choices starting at EGP 790.

Door gym Bar

Because it’s very important to do pull-ups in order to complete your exercises, so you will definitely need a door Gym Bar. Don’t worry it’s very simple and easy to use but has a great impact on all the arm muscles as the body uses its own weight as resistance.

This door gym bar is offered for EGP 89.

ABS Roller Wheel

If you’re looking for a tool within an affordable price to help you build you abs, then that would be the Abs Roller Wheel. It helps you build strong muscles and shapes your abdominal area; this wheel would be a great choice for women and children as well.

If you want to know how to exercise using the ABS Roller Wheel, check out this video

The ABS Roller Wheel is offered for EGP 134.99

Gym Mat

If you are doing any type of exercises on the floor, then using a gym mat will make it easier on your body.

Gym mat offered for EGP 85

GYM Ball

Exercising with a Gym Ball is fantastic, enjoyable and fun. Using this Gym Ball, will improve core stability, posture, balance, coordination, and overall fitness. Plus if your kids see you Exercising with this ball, they will just fall in love with exercising and will probably join you.

If you want to learn how to exercise with the Gym Ball, then check out this video.

Gym Ball offered for EGP 165

Aerobics step

The best time to do Aerobics, in general, is before sleeping as it will help you have a relaxed and deep sleep. The Aerobic step is just a killer equipment that will help you get rid of fats and sweat like crazy in 10 minutes. If you are too tired during your first trial just take a break or even stop, and every time increase the duration until you reach the desired duration and intensity.

Check this video to know more about how to exercise using aerobic step

Aerobic step is offered for EGP 225


What a fun way to exercise. Besides helping you workout at home it burn out fats super fast and is a lot of fun at the same time, it would suffice to know that according to NASA, the trampoline can burn out 15% more fats than running. It’s one of the cardio exercises that help in strengthening the heart (Cardiovascular health) and increases the oxygen capacity.

To learn how to exercise using trampoline, check out video

Trampoline, offered for EGP 555

Exercise Bike

The Bike in general is, burn out fats fast, increases endurance and shapes the body; but with bad streets and the cold weather, on might find it hard to ride a bike, so this indoor exercise bike is a great way to exercise and stay safe from the weather and traffic as well.

To learn more about the exercise bike, check out this video

The exercise Bike is offered for EGP 735

Hula hoop

It’s not just fun and entertaining, it’s also a very effective weight loss tool. It will be a very effective and fun exercise even for kids.

To learn how to hula hoop, check out this video

Hula hoop is offered for EGP 26.99

If you are a Yoga fan and want to learn more about how to relax, loose weight and just surrender, then check out this full Yoga reference for EGP 237.60.

Exercising is very vital for a healthy life, so make the time for it no matter how busy or tired you are.

If you are searching for other sports equipment’s or even supplements, then visit Yaoota. Don’t forget that through, you can search, compare and buy whatever you need and have it delivered to your doorstep in no time.

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