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Call of Duty Vs. Battlefield: Which is better?


Call of Duty Vs. Battlefield: Which is better ?

By: Mohamed Hamdy & Heidi Soliman

Call of Duty and Battlefield were both huge hits in the gaming world. They are both warfare games that have similar gaming features, yet some gamers prefer one over the other. At Yaoota we know that it’s almost impossible to say something is necessarily better than the other, that’s why we are always keen to provide our readers with as much information as possible. We know our readers have different taste in gaming, so we will leave the decision to them. Read More…

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أجمد 5 ألعاب اكس بوكس و بلاى ستيشن


أجمد 5 ألعاب اكس بوكس و بلاى ستيشن

كتب يوسف هارفي و ترجمة دينا أمير

لو بتحب تلعب بلاى ستايشن أو اكس بوكس و بتدور على ألعاب جديدة يبقى القائمة دى مناسبة جدا ليك عشان فيها أجمد 5 ألعاب للبلاى ستيشن و اكس بوكس . Read More…

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Top 5 PS & Xbox games


By Joseph Harvey

If you are a Play Station or Xbox gamer looking for a new interesting game to try out, then this TOP 5 games list is definitely for you.

Read More…

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