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دليلك لشراء لعب تنمية مهارات الأطفال من يوم الولادة حتى عامين

دليل لشراء لعب تنمية مهارات الأطفال من الولادة حتى عامين

كتبت: فاطمة نامق

 اللعب مع الأطفال يعتبر من أكتر الحاجات الممتعة، وبيكون في نفس الوقت مفيد لأنه مش ما بيبقاش مجرد لعب بس، لكن كمان يُعتبر وسيلة للتقرب من الطفل ومساعدة لتنمية مهاراته. لكن هل كل أعمار الأطفال يناسبها نفس طريقة اللعب؟ الإجابة طبعًا لأ.

كل مرحلة في عمر الطفل ليها طريقة لعب خاصة بيها؛ لأن النمو الذهني والحركي للأطفال بيتطور مع الوقت. عشان كدة ياقوطة هتساعدكم في كيفية اختيار اللعب المناسبة للطفل في مراحل عمره المختلفة من أول الولادة حتى عمر سنتين.

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Top 7 Popular Toys on Yaoota in 2017

By: Mai Sroor & Yara Elhemaily

As everything around as develops and changes, kids’ toys also do, and new toys that offer a modern mentality are produced. Even the old games are taking on a new form. Of course, Yaoota offers all that’s new and developed, including children’s toys, as they help enhance the mental and social development of our children. Collective games are also very important, as they group the family and friends and teach children how to deal with others and how to balance between their desires and the desires of others.

In this article, we will present you the seven most popular and famous toys until mid-2017 on Yaoota’s website. We will present you the specifications of each toy and the extent to which it is able to develop the abilities of our kids. Through this presentation, we will see if the old toys are still desired and whether they’re being produced in a more advanced and attractive shape and in stronger materials that can tolerate the way a child deals with toys.

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Trends for little girls


By Rana Kamaly

Shopping for your young daughter could be one of the most enjoyable activities, especially that you will have a wide variety and endless selection of shopping options. If you are a mother or father trying to find a nice creative item for you daughter of if you are searching for a nice gift for a dear little girl, then this list is definitely for you. Read More…

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Essentials for your little boy


By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Shaza Walid

Caring about the child at a young age is vital for his wellbeing, so that they grow up to be someone you would be proud of. When your child starts going to school, he begins to understand the world around him and learn important skills such as saving, playing, thinking and creativity. Read More…

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