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Samsung UA40K5000 40″ TV: Pros & Cons

Pros, Cons Price of Samsung UA40K5000 40" TV

By: Ahmed Hany & Dina Amir

An interesting thing about televisions is that they witness technological leaps in short amounts of time. That explains why we get new models and features every now and then. However, it might be a hassle to make the choice of which one to buy. You have to think of what the TV offers, what you need it for and what your budget is.

In this article, Yaoota has picked for you the popular Samsung UA40K5000 TV to check out. Read on to learn more about its specifications, pros and cons, and feel free to order the TV online if you like it. It will be delivered to you in no time.

*Prices listed in this article are the ones provided at the time of its publication, and are subject to change according to the supply and demand of the market.



Display Type LED
Screen Size 40 inches
Dimensions 288 x 907 x 586 mm
Weight 8 kg
Color Black
Resolution 1080 x 1920, Full HD
Sound System Two-channel speaker system with Dolby digital plus and DTS premium sound technologies
Ports HDMI (2) and USB 2.0 (1)


  • High picture resolution, as it displays Full HD with 1080*1920 pixels.
  • Film Mode feature while displaying the content.
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus feature to sharpen the details and make the color shades more accurate for a lifelike picture.
  • Mega Contrast feature to balance the white and black shades to get a clear, detailed image and a better resolution.
  • A slim design for better viewing angles with an elegant V shaped stand.
  • Technologically advanced sound display techniques, such as Dolby Pulse and Dolby Digital Plus.
  • ConnectShare USB 2.0 technology to display movies, videos and pictures without having to connect the laptop to the television. All you have to do is connect your USB to the television and it will display the content.
  • HDMI port to connect other HD devices with the television, such as HD receivers, PlayStation or Xbox.


  • This model does not support the latest invented technology by Samsung: Smart TV. This disables you from displaying online content on your TV (songs, movies and/or videos). You won’t be able to use applications like Internet Explorer, Netflix and YouTube either due to the absence of the Smart TV technology. That is why Samsung UA40K5000 can be limiting.
  • HDMI ports are limited in this television (only 2), which allows you to connect only two devices to the television at a time.
  • Only one USB port can also be disappointing for whoever likes to connect their laptop, camera or even mobile to display their content on the television.

User Experience

  • The price is very attractive for Samsung’s reputation, product quality and the 40-inch screen.
  • No one can argue about the enjoyable display experience, high resolution and clear colors.
  • The clear sound, using Dolby Pulse and Dolby Digital Plus technologies, is considered to be a major advantage.
  • Most of the customer inquiries were about the Smart TV tech, which was discussed before and it is not available in this model.

Check out Samsung UA40K5000 40″ TV.

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