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كتب دينا أمير

عشان أكلك له تأثير كبير على حياتك ياقوطة جهزت لك وصفتين سهلين وهتستمتعى بيهم بأقل عدد سعرات حرارية ممكنة، كل اللي هتعمليه أنك تبدلي بعض المكونات بمكونات صحية أكتر ومفيدة لجسمك و سعراتها أقل.

مين فينا مش بيحب البيتزا والبان كيك سواء كبار أو أطفال؟ بس دايمًا بنحس بذنب بعد الأكل، دلوقتي هتستمتعى بالبيتزا اللي بتحبيها وتحلي بالبان كيك من غير ما تبوظي نظام أكلك. Read More…

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Healthy Recipes to Enjoy Your Favorite Meals

Cutting fats tips

By Dina Amir

Since our food affects our quality of life, Yaoota prepared 2 fast recipes to enjoy your favorite meals with the least number of calories. All you have to do is substitute some ingredients with healthier ones, to make sure you have the same tasty meals, and enjoy your healthy body. Read More…

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Chicken and Vegetables Noodles

By Mariam Badawi. Translated by Dina Amir

My mom never allowed me in the kitchen to cook anything, like many mothers she was afraid of the consequences; but one day she unexpectedly told me to prepare lunch for the whole family. No doubt, I was extremely anxious, because I wanted to impress them and prove that I can prepare a delicious meal on my own. What I first thought about was the fact that a lunch should contain rice/pasta, veggies and meat/chicken; I didn’t have enough time to make all of them, so I decided to prepare a dish that combined all of them together. So if you are after the same outcome, follow this recipe step by step. My chicken and vegetables noodles was great, as everyone really enjoyed the meal and they were very impressed.

Read More…

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