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10 Products for Breastfeeding Mothers

By: Yara Elhemaily

Exclusive breastfeeding is not only the best alternative for your baby; it is the best for your health as well.

Breastfeeding provides the baby with the ideal nutrition and offers them all what they need from vitamins to proteins and fats to grow up healthy. Research has proved that breastfeeding babies are less vulnerable to diseases, as they possess stronger immunity, apart from the fact that breast milk can be easier to digest than formula. Moreover, chest doctors confirmed that breastfed children were less susceptible to asthma, allergies, ear infections and other respiratory diseases. And last but not least, psychologists confirmed the strong, positive correlation between breastfeeding and IQ levels of babies.

As for the mother, breastfeeding helps her burn calories and lose the extra weight she gained during pregnancy. It also helps the brain to secrete oxytocin hormone that makes the uterus return to its normal size and improves the mood. Moreover, breastfeeding reduces incidences of breast and ovarian cancer. But above all, breastfeeding creates a strong bond between the baby and the mother.

And because Yaoota cares about your and your baby’s health, today we present you the most important 17 products that will help you breastfeed. If you like any of them, you can check its best prices on Yaoota, order it and have it delivered to you as fast as possible.

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