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Kitchen Machine vs. Separate Appliances

Kitchen Machine vs. Separate Appliances Pros & Cons

By: Fatma Namek & Yara Elhemaily

Are you confused whether to buy a kitchen machine or buy everything separately?

A lot of people ask themselves that, and because lately cooking is not only done so that the family can eat, but also as a profession or a commercial project, Yaoota decided to make your life easier and group here all that is related to the kitchen machine and whether it is better to purchase it or purchase each appliance individually.

Let’s think about the pros and cons for each alternative.

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Yaoota’s Guide for Egyptian Kahk Baking Tools

By: Fatma Seif & Shoruq El-Meligy

Getting ready for Eid El-Fetr starts with cookies and biscuits. And what’s better than homemade Eid cookies that take us back to when the entire family would help with the baking and get together to joyously celebrate the Eid?

There are many types of Eid cookies, including stuffed cookies, plain cookies, butter cookies (ghorayeba), and many others. Each type requires its own special tools that make it come out with the perfect taste and the least amount of effort.

And because Yaoota cares about your comfort, we have prepared this article to introduce you to the most important tools that will help you make the best Eid cookies and biscuits. Feel free to order them online via Yaoota and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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Ramadan Essential Appliances

By Dalia Mansour

With just a few days left, it is time to get your kitchen ready for Ramadan. First of all, you have to start with visualizing the dining table at Iftar time. Memorize the dishes and try to think how you went through preparing that delicious food. Then, have a quick visit to your kitchen and make a list of the appliances you have and others you need to have.

After asking a large number of ladies, Yaoota has prepared a list of some  essential appliances  that make your life easier, healthier, and less time consuming during your fasting time in Ramadan.

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دليلك لاختيار أفضل كيتشن ماشين


كتبت: صفاء مجدي

كيتشن ماشين (محضرة الطعام) – Kitchen Machine – جهاز خارق بكل المقاييس وبمجرد ما يكون معاك في المطبخ هيبقى دراعك اليمين وكأن في شيف واقف معاك في المطبخ بيحضر الأكل، وعشان كده النهاردة ياقوطة  جايبة المواصفات المثالية لجهاز الكيتشن ماشين لكل اللي بيدوّر عليه ومحتاجه في المطبخ وهتقدر تعرف الفروق بين أنواع الكيتشن ماشين المختلفة وبكدا تقدر تختار محضرة الطعام المناسبة لك، وهتلاقي ماركات متنوعة للكيتشن ماشين زي بوش، وكينوود، ومولينكس، وتاتش الزينوكي

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All you Need to Know: Kenwood Cooking Chef Kitchen Machine!


By shimaa Elgizy & translation By Magy Ghaly

Who among us can live without the kitchen machine? This machine has become of the essentials of any modern kitchen for the time it saves and the professionalism it provides. The kitchen machine is world in its own, full of details and tools that may sometimes be forgotten. That’s why we’re offering you today all the possible information about your cooking assistant, in addition to the pros and cons of the Cooking Chef kitchen machine by Kenwood. We will also discuss every one of its tools and attachments. We’re offering you the know-how of mastering the kitchen machine, mastering your kitchen! Read More…

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كل ما تريد معرفته عن كينوود كيتشن ماشين .. كوكينج شيف


كتب: شيماء جيزي

من منّا تستطيع الاستغناء عن الكيتشن ماشين؟  أصبحت هذه الماكينة أحد أهم أساسيات أي مطبخ عصري؛ لما توفره من وقت وتساعد على احترافية الطبخ، إن الكيتشن ماشين عالم كبير مليء بالتفاصيل والأدوات التي تظل تحت طيّ النسيان، لهذا نقدم لكِ الآن كل معلومات ممكنة بالإضافة إلى مميزات وعيوب الكيتشن ماشين كوكينج شيف من كينوود، وكل أداة من أدواتها وملحقاتها، إننا نقدم لكِ صفحة من احتراف الكيتشن ماشين، أي احتراف مطبخك. Read More…

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