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Guide: How to Choose the Right Mobile Phone for My Child?

By Ahmed Ibrahim & Heidi Soliman

When mobile phones were first introduced, they were specific to businessmen. However, after the technological advances our world has witnessed and the notable change in their pricing, they’ve become a popular device among many people, not just businessmen. Almost everyone has access to it. People started using it as a communication tool, then, over the past few years, smartphones were introduced to the market and became a necessity for many people. Smartphones caught the attention of people of all ages. Nowadays, they aren’t just a means of communication; they are used for gaming, social media, photography, and much more.  

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iPhone 5s Review


By Nadia Hussien & Translation by Magy Ghaly

Yaoota would like to introduce this review to illustrate the pros and cons of iPhone 5s. iPhone 5s is of high manufacturing quality with fast performance, and it is the same design of iPhone 5 with some improvements and new features. It is characterized by the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that grants the user a high level of privacy and security. iPhone 5s is a very good phone manufactured by the famous Apple Inc. of high manufacturing quality while maintaining the fast performance and the fascinating design.

We will start first with the pros and cons of  iPhone 5s and then we will explain the specifications in details. Read More…

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مميزات وعيوب iphone 5s


كتب نادية حسين

تقدم لكم ياقوطة تقييم يوضح مميزات وعيوب iPhone 5s، هاتف آي فون 5s ذا جودة تصنيع عالية مع أداء سريع، وهو نفس تصميم آي فون 5 مع بعض التحسينات والخصائص الجديدة. يتميز بوجود تقنية البصمة Tocuh ID التي تمنح المستخدم مستوى خصوصية وأمان مرتفع. iphone 5s هاتف جيد جدًا من إنتاج شركة أبل المشهورة بجودة تصنيع عالية مع الحفاظ على أداء سريع وتصميم مبهر.

سنتحدث في البداية عن مميزات وعيوب  iPhone 5s ثم نذكر بعدها تقييم الهاتف بالتفصيل. Read More…

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