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Yaoota’s Printers Buying Guide

By: Noha Nasrat & Heidi Soliman

Before, printers were used only in offices, now with the technological advances, they are a prime device in households. It’s used for printing personal documents and some people need it because they don’t like to read from the computer screen. Thus, they use it to print online articles, or books for the purpose of reading from papers instead of the computer.

Yaoota will present to you today an ultimate guide to help you pick the right printer for you that best suits your needs and your budget. Also in this article you will find the most popular printers on Yaoota with their descriptions, pros, and cons. If you like any of them you can simply place your order online and have it delivered at your doorstep in the fastest time possible through Yaoota. Read More…

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Printers Guide for All Budgets


By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Dina Amir

Having a printer at home or at work is a lifesaver. As you might need them to print some documents, or photos every now and then or some people might even need them on a daily basis to print documents for work, university or even school. There’re different types of printers with various benefits and latest printing technologies. The most popular printers are the all in one type, while the latest technology is the wireless printers. Yaoota guide for printers Read More…

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دليل الطابعات لكل ميزانية


كتب نادية حسين

مفيش حد مش بيحتاج طابعة سواء في البيت أو في الشغل. ممكن تكون  بتحتاج تطبع مستندات أو صور على فترات متقطعة.. وفي ناس طبيعة شغلها أو دراساتها بتخليهم يستخدموا الطابعة كل يوم. دلوقتي في أنواع مختلفة من الطابعات والميزات المتاحة، وأحدث تكنولوجيا الطباعة. الأشهر الطابعة الكل في واحد والأحدث الطباعة اللاسلكية. دليل ياقوطة لشراء طابعة تناسبك جمعنا فيه قايمة بكل الأنوع اللي ممكن تكون بتدور عليها. Read More…

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