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Fresh FWS400NA Washing Machine Top Load 4 KG, White Review

 By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

Fresh washing machine top load has the capacity of 4kg. It’s very useful for households that have newborns, because babies’ clothes frequently get dirty. Newborns clothes need to be washed immediately as they stain and smell  if left unwashed. The washing machine is also suitable for small families and its advantage is being able to load clothes from the top while the machine is operating. Further, the washer is suitable for all types of fabrics and you can control the desired temperature for every type of fabric. The washing machine is considered economical, as you can use any type of detergent with it.

In this Yaoota review, we will introduce you to the top description, pros, cons as well as the user experience of the Fresh Washing Machine Top Load 4 KG. That way you can have a complete picture before purchase. If you like it and want to buy it, click on Yaoota’s link, place your order online to have it delivered to your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

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