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Kitchen Machine vs. Separate Appliances

Kitchen Machine vs. Separate Appliances Pros & Cons

By: Fatma Namek & Yara Elhemaily

Are you confused whether to buy a kitchen machine or buy everything separately?

A lot of people ask themselves that, and because lately cooking is not only done so that the family can eat, but also as a profession or a commercial project, Yaoota decided to make your life easier and group here all that is related to the kitchen machine and whether it is better to purchase it or purchase each appliance individually.

Let’s think about the pros and cons for each alternative.

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Braun JB 5050 Blender: Specifications & Price

By: Sara Ammar & Bassem Badawi

Some may think that blenders are all the same, but the truth is, they differ in material, speed, wattage, price, and so many other factors.

Yaoota is here today to offer you a review of the popular 900 W Braun Blender. You will find its pros, cons and after-sales service review. Compare its prices online, make your decision and place your order via Yaoota to have it delivered to your doorstep in no time. 

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The Electric Blender: Then & Now



By: May Sorour

Yaoota likes to enrich your knowledge as well as your home. Check Yaoota‘s comprehensive list of  blenders and read hereafter the history of this small & simple, yet essential, gadget: the blender.

It’s a small, easy-to-use gadget that can be found in most kitchens around the world. Blenders can blend, purée, stir, or mix liquids, thin batters, dressings, and soft foods. As for blenders that can crush ice, they are designed with a combination of sufficient power and a specially designed stainless blade.

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Checklist:Things Newlyweds Must Have

By: Safaa Magdy & Magy Ghaly

Did you know that June, September, and October are the most popular months for throwing a wedding? That makes this the wedding season!

And because Yaoota knows how crazy wedding preparations are, and how busy the bride and groom and their families get before the wedding, we have made you a list of the things that are often forgotten in the mess of home appliances and furniture and the wedding details.

Not only that, but Yaoota is also offering you the option to purchase those products online through us, as we know that you need every minute of your time for your big day’s preparations.

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نصائح قبل شراء خلاط كهربائي


كتبت: صفاء مجدي

الخلاط من الأجهزة المهمة جداً في المطبخ وحتى لو كان عندك في البيت كيتشن ماشين جايبه بالشيء الفلاني إلا إنك برده هتفضل تستخدم الخلاط لأنه أسرع وأسهل في الاستخدام بشكل عام وخصوصاً لو كان استخدامك مش بيزيد عن إنك تعصر شوية طماطم لصلصة المكرونة أو تعمل عصير الصبح على الفطار.

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أجهزة المطبخ الحديثة


كتب أماني سمير

المطبخ في وقتنا الحالي يختلف كتير عن المطبخ زمان اللي كان بيقتصر بس على الست سواء كانت زوجة أو أم، دلوقتي المطبخ أصبح من اهتمامات كل أفراد الأسرة، وبقى سهل أي حد يدخل المطبخ ويعمل الأكل اللي بيحبه أو يعمل مشروبه المفضل بنفسه، وده تقريبًا كان مع ظهور أجهزة المطبخ الحديثة اللي سهلت علينا حاجات كتير، وبقت سهلة كمان في استخدامها وطريقة تنظيفها، ياقوطة هتعرض عليكم مجموعة من الأجهزة دي عشان تشوفوا امكانياتها ومميزات كل جهاز فيهم، وتعرف بيتباع فين وبكام وتقارن بين أكتر من جهاز عشان تختار اللي يناسبك منهم قبل ماتقرر تشتري، ولو عجبتك حاجه وحابب تشتريها أون لاين، ممكن تطلبها هتوصلك لحد البيت. Read More…

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