Summer 2016 Must-Have Pieces


Summer 2016 Must-Have stylish outfits

Written by: Shaza Walid

Sandy beaches, sunny days, staying up late, and many many outings with family and friends: summer is here! And for these memorable moments, you would want unique and stylish outfits that bring out your best features. A summer outfit has to be light, colorful, and most importantly, trendy. That is why Yaoota brings you the guide to the must-have pieces this season and how to style them to fit your taste from the one and only Raneem Essam, makeup artist and social media fashion influencer.

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In an interview with Yaoota, Essam talked about her passion for makeup, clothes, and photography. It all started with her being a veiled model for a makeup artist who soon discovered her talent and advised her to start her own career as a makeup artist herself. As for her social media fashion influencer career, it was first a regular account for a girl who loved to dress up and post her pictures on Instagram. Attracting people’s attention with her unique style, who would compliment her outfits and ask her for fashion and makeup tips, Essam now has over 220,000 followers on Instagram.

When asked about the way she styles and picks her clothes, Essam said “I do not like to define myself within a specific clothing style. I always like to try new pieces and styles. People also prefer the fresh and innovative looks”.


With the summer season kicking in, we needed to know the 2016 clothes in Vogue. Among the must-have pieces this summer, Essam first recommended chemises. “They are perfect for the summer weather because they are light and can be styled in different ways,” she explained. “They work great for veiled girls as well since they do not have to be worn with many layers,” she added. Chemises can either be worn buttoned or open with a tank top or T-shirt underneath.

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Cardigans are a great option for an easy convenient summer look, according to Essam. “Cardigans are quite versatile and can be worn in different ways,” she explained. Cardigans can either be short or long to the knees. They also come in various materials and shapes so girls can pick what they prefer. To give your chemise a twist, you can add a long necklace to your outfit.

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Cardigans are usually plain, but kimonos are far from that. Kimonos add a colorful and stylish edge to your wardrobe. They also come in different shapes and lengths so you can choose what fits your body shape and height. The best thing about kimonos is that they can be worn day and night, with some tweaks of course. For instance, short kimonos work best for morning outings while long kimonos look very chic at night. For a fashionable night look, you can style your kimono with a belt to accentuate your figure. You can always mix and match according to your personal preference.

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Another piece to add to your wardrobe this summer is the skirt. Skirts fit the hot summer weather and are very comfortable. As with the other pieces we talked about, skirts come in various shapes and materials to choose from. You will also find plain and printed skirts so make sure to match the colors well with your outfit.

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“The best thing about the fashionable pieces this summer is that they work quite well with both veiled and non-veiled girls,” Essam commented.

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The trendy colors

As for the trendy colors this season, Essam said that “Pastel colors work great with the summer vibes. Neon colors have also made a huge comeback this season.”

You can add pastel colors to your outfit in many ways. It could be a clutch, blouse, or even accessories. Just make sure not to have too many pieces in pastel to avoid a pale outfit. The same applies with neon colors since they are quite vibrant, so a single piece would do the trick.

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“A piece that is essential to have in every girl’s wardrobe no matter what the season is the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans are comfortable, stylish, and work well with almost anything,” Essam advised.

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Whichever the outfit or colors you decide to wear this season, always keep in mind that not every clothing piece works with everyone. Each girl has to know her body shape well so she can best dress to fit it. And last but not least, do not overlook the small details that spice up your outfit such as watches, scarves, and accessories.

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What is your favorite clothing piece this summer? Please share your opinion with us. 

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