Samsung Microwave 40 Liter with Grill: Price and Specifications

Rasha Abou Al-Qassem and Shoruq El Meligy

The microwave is a multi-use device, from cooking and heating to defrosting food, and also sterilizing some non-metallic kitchen tools. The necessity of the microwave is on a notable spree lately, and choosing a suitable microwave will require that you know its capabilities and specifications accurately to choose the one most suitable for your requirements.

Of the most famous kitchen appliances in Yaoota is the Samsung 40-liter microwave with oven grill, which we will review today in terms of specifications with the pros and cons. You can order it through our website and it will be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

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Brand Samsung
Model Mg40j5133at/GY
Color Black
Capacity 40 liters
Security One year
Power Level 10 levels of power
Power Works up to 1500 watts
Dimensions (width × height × depth) 480 x 389 x 625 mm
Weight 18 kg


  • The microwave’s interior is made of porcelain-plated ceramic, making it rust- and scratch-resistant.
  • Equipped with a quick-heating feature.
  • The inner sides of the microwave are coated with a substance that makes it resistant to the growth of bacteria, which helps prevent bad smells.
  • Easy to clean from inside and outside, as it only needs a clean piece of cloth to clean the interior.
  • Easy to use, as it is equipped with a touch control panel and also a LED LCD.
  • It has a triple distribution system, which makes the heating process faster and better.
  • Equipped with a quick-defrosting feature for frozen foods, as it returns the frozen food to its fresh state, ready to eat or prepare.
  • Has an alert signal after it’s done heating.
  • A Korean device that works with good efficiency, and the radiations that come out of it are within the allowed limits, therefore aren’t harmful.


  • Its price is high compared to its competitors of the same size in other brands.
  • The external size is a bit large, so it won’t suit you if your kitchen is small.
  • You should use certain dishes in the microwave, like Arcopal and Pyrex, and these might not be available for everyone, so you might need to buy new dishes for that specific purpose.
  • You can’t heat food in aluminum or patterned dishes.
  • The defrost feature used with chicken and beef cooks the pieces, not only defrosts them.

Warranty, Authorized Service Center, and After-sales Services

Samsung is a global company in technology and always wants to prove itself in the field of household appliances. Samsung microwave is one of the devices that work very efficiently with a one-year warranty. You should be careful with the rotating dish, though, because it’s expensive. If it happens to break, however, you can get one from the authorized service centers.

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Quick Comparison

Microwave Kenwood is an excellent, safe-to-use device, and it comes with several different capacities: one has a capacity of 20 liters, 5 power levels, and a digital display. You can find it here

According to users reviews, the differences are simple compared to the different microwave brands in general, but you must stay away from Chinese brands, because they emit harmful radiations. It is advised not to cook food inside the microwave and to use it for heating purposes only.


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