Ramadan Essential Appliances

By Dalia Mansour

With just a few days left, it is time to get your kitchen ready for Ramadan. First of all, you have to start with visualizing the dining table at Iftar time. Memorize the dishes and try to think how you went through preparing that delicious food. Then, have a quick visit to your kitchen and make a list of the appliances you have and others you need to have.

After asking a large number of ladies, Yaoota has prepared a list of some  essential appliances  that make your life easier, healthier, and less time consuming during your fasting time in Ramadan.

*Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article has been published, and they are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.

1- Pressure Cooker

It saves up to 70% of your time and energy compared to traditional cooking methods in Ramadan’s busy day. The pressure cooker will take your meat or chicken from tough to tender in no time. Pressure cooking retains important water-soluble vitamins and minerals that are lost in conventional cooking, so meals are healthier.

  • They are available in 7, 8 and 10 liters.
  • They could be electric or non-electric. Electric ones are not yet available in Egypt, but once they are there, they will be another good option for you to select.

How to Use the Pressure Cooker?

Don’t be intimidated by the word pressure; the pressure cookers are super safe and easy to use. 

  • First, you should know how your pressure cooker comes to pressure by pressure cooking with just water. All you do is:
    – Add a cup or two of water to the pressure cooking pot (always use the inner pot).
    – Lock the lid in place.
    – Make sure that the valve is in the sealing/pressure cooking position.
    – Select a pressure cooking button with a short cook time. Watch while the pressure cooker does all the work. It will take about five minutes for the water to heat up and build pressure. When pressure is reached, the time will start counting down.
  • Second, you will need to know how to release the pressure once it is done pressure cooking. The easiest way is to do nothing and let the pressure releases all by itself.
  • When you are cooking something that cooks quickly, you will need to release the pressure quickly, so it does not get over-cooked.  

Check out Pressure Cookers here.

2- Digital Kitchen Scale

Whether you are cooking or baking, you will need a kitchen scale that is highly accurate. Depending on the recipe, measurements that are off by just a gram can lead to disastrous results.

Eyeballing measurements or “dip and sweep” (a method with measuring cups) can lead to imprecise amounts of ingredients going into your meals. These methods may be convenient if you are not concerned with portion size, calorie count, and other nutritional content. However, for those who take cooking or dieting seriously, a food scale is an absolute must.

Types of Scales

Kitchen scales, while simple in purpose, actually come in a number of different forms with measuring components that are either mechanical or digital. Mechanical scales rely on an intricate set of internal springs and gears that indicate weight through a needle over a display reading. Digital scales offer precise readings and are often viewed as more accurate and long lasting than mechanical scales, which makes their presence more widespread among modern kitchens.

How Does a Scale Work?

There are some important features to look for in a scale. Most run on AA or AAA batteries (are often included in the scale), and some have lithium batteries. Lithium batteries generally last a bit longer than AA or AAA batteries, but they can be more expensive to replace. Be aware of the “Auto-off” feature; although it can help save battery life, you might get frustrated if your scale keeps shutting off while you are trying to cook. Angled displays with larger numbers can be easier to see. Some can even be pulled out more, so that they are not obstructed by larger bowls and plates. Most scales have a weight capacity of 5 KG, which is enough to handle most of your cooking or baking needs.

Check out Kitchen Scales here.

3- Air Fryer

Ramadan Iftar always has some essential items like Sambousak, Kobeiba and French fries. So, why increasing fats and oil consumption while you can have healthier fried food with less oil? Reduce fat in your fried foods by using the air fryer that cooks without added oil. Some air fryers require only one spoon of oil.

Customer Reviews:

*The customer reviews below are found on wwalmart.com

“1- It cooks the food so quickly and with little or no oil.  I just love it.  No bending down taking food out of the oven.  It fits on my kitchen counter and I have made baked potatoes, cut up fresh french fries. Fried chicken thighs (soaked in buttermilk then shake in four which came out crispy and moist.  I have reheated food I took home from a restaurant and it came out as good as when I first ate it.

2- I purchased this air fryer and I use it every day! I have made fries, carrot chips, chicken, salmon, bacon, hash browns and pizza! This is one of the best investments that I have made, no oil needed. I used a little canola oil spray a couple of times and that is about it. It’s very easy to clean, and it’s convenient.

3- I hate to heat up my range for just a small item to cook. This fits the bill as an oil-less fryer/ baker/oven. You do not need oil with frozen fries, or other frozen items. The only oil needed is listed as brushing it over salmon/ fish stakes. Or when roasting a fresh veg. I used an all natural spray when using oil on fish. Just a touch to brush the salmon. It came out cooked to perfection, with crunchy browned skin. I baked cinnamon rolls for desert in the fryer as well.  Took the refrigerated dough from the package and popped it right into the preheated unit. (preheated for three minutes) Used time and temp on the package and they turned out fantastic as well.

4- This device does make things crispy without much oil or without any, but that’s where it ends.  It is a glorified convection oven, it sounds like one.  I’d rather heat up the house and bake wings and fries then use this device, though it does do fries pretty well.  My main complaints are, it takes forever to cook stuff in this thing.”

Check out Air Fryers here.

4- Electric Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is an electrical kitchen utensil. It consists of a set of beaters attached to a gear driven mechanism to rotate the blades of the beaters. They are used to beat, whip, and combine ingredients. All required is a smooth functioning set of blades that turn easily and consistently during the mixing process.

Electrical hand mixers typically have several mixing speeds; either in numbered settings or simply “low, medium and high” speeds. More settings give more control over the mixing process. When selecting a mixer, choose the one that fits the types of food being prepared and the balance offered by the design of the mixer.

Check out Electric Hand Mixers here.

5- Hand Blender

It is the quickest and easiest tool you can use to make soups, smoothies, and sauces. They can be a lot more convenient compared to a traditional jug blender. Simply stick it into your pan and away you go.

Hand blenders take up less space in your kitchen and create less washing up, which means no food waste. It is always a pain not being able to get the final dregs out of a jug blender.

Check out Hand Blenders here.

6- Yogurt Maker

People use more yogurt in Ramadan, especially for Suhour. It is either used in salads or cooking. It is the fastest product that disappears from shelves in the supermarkets. Thus, it is better to prepare it at home in order to guarantee its availability, freshness, better taste, and cost reduction.

Some people may tend to buy the cheaper and some choose to use home ovens. When buying a yogurt maker, you should first check and explore what you are going to buy. Choosing the oven may be a great option, but be aware that it will cost you more in the long run due to the amount of gas/electricity being used to keep it heated for hours. Because of this, buying such a product is recommended, as it is more efficient in terms of energy consumption.

200 M.Liters of milk are enough for preparing 7-8 glasses of yogurt.

Check out Yogurt Makers here.

7- Rice Cooker

It is also known as “Rice Steamer.” It is the easiest way to make perfect rice and is also a convenient way to cook a wide variety of foods. Here are a few examples that might just convince you to invest in a rice cooker or use yours more often.

If you think about it, the rice cooker works similarly in principle as the slow cooker; it uses moist heat over a period of time to cook food, trapping the flavors in the pot. Some rice cookers even have a “Slow Cook” setting, which means you can potentially replace your slow cooker with a rice cooker. Also, it allows you to avoid standing at the stove watching the rice cook and not stick and burn to the bottom of the pot.

Using the Rice Cooker

Simply rinse the rice (if that brand rice suggests doing so), add the correct amount of cold water and rice to the cooker, and then turn it on automatically. For more convenience, the interior pot is removable (to serve from and then wash).

Why Using a Rice Cooker?

  • Rice is perfectly cooked every time.
  • It will never boil over creating a mess like cooking on the stove.
  • Can be used for other foods, such as lentils and grains.
  • Inexpensive and saves time.
  • Not as powerful as a pressure cooker and does not take up counter space.
  • It is available in different shapes, capacities, and voltages.

    Check out Rice Cookers here.

8- Water Dispenser

Why jamming your fridge with bottles of water, while you could save the space for juices, milk, and other food items?! Having a water dispenser, especially in Ramadan, is the perfect solution when you have a big number of guests drinking water at the same time. Save your fridge for other tasty Ramadan juices, like kamar Eldin and Hibiscus, and enjoy the cold mineral water you get from the water dispenser.

It is available in different shapes, colors, and mechanisms. It also might have a small built-in fridge.

Check out Water Dispensers here.

9- Juice Blender

It is an all-in-one juicing solution that delivers maximum juice output for both hard and soft fruits. It comes in different speeds and voltages. The jug is normally 1.5 L.

Check out Juice Blenders here.

10- Kitchen Machine

It is a collection of most of the kitchen appliances mentioned above (all-in-one machine). It is designed to provide you with the best cooking experience in addition to having loads of configurable options.

The only negative thing about it is the big space it takes. Actually, it takes up valuable cupboard and drawer space. Yet, with its huge functions and services, you can compromise finding a good space for such a multi-task device.


The base motor unit can be used to drive a number of additional accessories. Most of the models have a 1.5-litre blender and a slicer shredder. Other available accessories are a mincer and a juicer.

The blender is operated from a drive on the top of the base unit, usually protected by a plastic “screw-off” cover. Fitting and removal are simple, and operating it is through the main speed control.

The cutter/shredder has three interchangeable drums. It is attached to a drive unit which cleverly replaces the mixing bowl, and it is driven by the same fitting used by the whisk. Assembly and removal are easy and cleaning is simply a matter of washing in warm soapy water.

Check out Kitchen Machines here.

*Some items may currently be out of stock, but they will be available soon. If you encounter any similar problem, please comment on the article, or contact us through our Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Ramadan Essential Appliances”

  1. Ellen Taylor says:

    Handy list for Ramada. I have some Muslim friends and like to take Iftar with them. And I think a Juice blender is most important appliance. Because everyone loves to drink some juices during Iftar time.

  2. As a Muslim Ramadan is a very important factor for us because of the main purpose of dedicated our prayer to Allah. So when Ramadan comes or knocking our door we always prepare with our prayer beside our meal. The Sehri and Iftar is a factor between the Ramadan. Sometimes our Grandmom or mom arise in deep midnight for making our meal. So they need a pressure cooker and rice cooker for preparing our Sehri withing very short time. Kitchen machine and juice blender are very needed for Iftar for preparing different fruits juice. Thanks for sharing these Ramadan essential items.

  3. john says:

    thanks you its much informative

  4. Very informative article indeed. Water dispensers and kitchen machines are the two must-have equipment for every family.

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