PTZ Camera Review

By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

The PTZ camera stands out from other surveillance cameras with features that make it one of the best security cameras. The camera has the ability to rotate 360 degrees vertically and horizontally, in addition to the zoom technology that covers large areas. Thus, the camera is very useful in wide areas. The PTZ camera provides great flexibility where it’s used, due to its ability to rotate and twist. It also provides high brightness thanks to the IR LED technology for night vision visibility with great effectiveness of up to 120 meters. In addition, it provides smart features through preset settings. The camera is made of material that endures high temperatures, rain, and humidity.  

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  • Model: PTZ
  • Color: White


  • The camera provides full movement and control, and it’s known for its ability to rotate in all directions (360 degrees), with a tilt of 180 degrees which means it provides full coverage both horizontally and vertically.
  • The camera is designed with a powerful motor that provides highly-responsive speed, stability and camera steadiness. In addition, the PTZ camera has a long life performance and it functions without noise.
  • There are wide and variable viewing angles thanks to its full rotation and the ‘speed dome’ feature that covers all directions. Thus, there’s no need to place other cameras to work with it.
  • There’s the possibility of changing the field of view automatically or manually through the ‘Vari-Focal’ lens that takes you from a wide viewing angle such as 2.88 mm to a deeper or narrower angle such as 100 mm.
  • It’s equipped with ultra-clear IR LED night vision technology that provides high-quality and high-resolution image and effective vision for a distance of 120 meters.
  • The camera has the ability to move in different directions in a short period of time, and it has 8 preset specific paths. It also has one fixed monitoring mode, with the ability to control the stay time for each position 2/4/6/8/10 seconds, as well as, the ability to adjust the restriction modes on the left and right side. The camera also has a feature of retaining internal data in the events of power outages.
  • The camera has smart features such as ‘video analytics’ which has the ability to identify individuals to be followed, tracked, and monitored (tracking feature).
  • There’s a ‘heat map’ feature, which provides all the data for the places where movements were detected during the previous 24 hours.
  • The camera is manufactured from strong materials and can withstand high temperatures of up to 65 degrees, rain, humidity and harsh climatic conditions. Also, the outer layer of the camera is made of strong material resistant to damage.


  • The only drawback of the PTZ camera is its inability to record the area where the lens is directed at the time of rotation, regardless of its speed. Therefore, you can’t record all directions at the same time. It’s advised to use a fixed camera along with it to cover the blind spots when the camera is turning.
  • The camera is considered to be pricey, however it has high quality and high accuracy.

User Experience

  • The camera is great to use and provides great coverage. It also provides accuracy, and has the advantage of being able to change the viewing angles and track it from a distance via the mobile or laptop. In addition, the camera provides great clarity of night shooting and the zoom is adjusted as desired. To be honest, even though the camera is expensive, it’s very useful and durable.

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