Ps4 vs Xbox

ps4 vs Xbox

By Nadia Hussein. Translation by Safaa Abdel Baky

There has always been this eternal debate in any family or friends gathering between the Xbox team and the PS4 team. Both devices have great features but in this article you are the only judge!

Yaoota presents a comparison between the two in terms of design, features, games, and accessories in order to help you win future debates or to make up your mind if you are still confused.

On, you can find the prices for all gaming devices different stores. Also, you can compare the prices of Xbox One through this link. As for Ps4, you can do the same if you click here.


Getting in shape while having fun is definitely exciting. Now you can play your games with your home game device that senses your movement.

Xbox One

Xbox comes with a Kinect device that easily senses your body movements and position and sends it to the Xbox without the need to hold on to anything in your hand. This comes in handy when you are doing fight or fitness games. With this device, you can effortlessly lose weight while stimulating your circulation and play your favorite games all at the same time.


To be able to use this feature, you have to buy the PlayStation Eye sensor device individually. PlayStation Eye also senses your movements and quickly sends it to the Ps4. However, you have to hold the PlayStation Move in your hand and it is not very efficient in sensing the movement of your legs. This lessens the excitement of the game. Unlike the Kinect, PlayStation Move is not compatible with many games.

  • This round definitely goes to XBbox with its efficient Kinect that is more accurate in sensing your movements and enhances your game experience. Also having it for free is a plus. Most Xbox games depend on the full-body movement, on the other hand, Ps4 games depend on the arms movement solely.



Xbox One

The set is big and taller than any other home video gaming set. It is too tall that Microsoft advises not to put it vertically. The Xbox One set is divided into two parts and its appearance is solid with no openings at all except for the venting slots. The design is not creative or special.

Dimensions (13.5×3.2×10.4) inches. Weight:  3.56 Kg.


It comes in a neat design with a curve that makes the design more special. The upper half is shiny and it is definitely slimmer than Xbox. The venting slots are on both sides. It may seem smart to hide the plugs, but this made it difficult in plugging in the cables in the back of the device. You would also notice that that the radiator is at the back side which resulted in a better venting for the device.

Dimensions (10.8x12x2) inches. Weight: 2.75 Kg.

  • The dimensions of Ps4 is the most suitable for limited spaces. Its neat design gives it an advantage over the Xbox One for this round.

Connection technology

Xbox One

It has a plug for internet cable and can also connect through Wi-Fi as well as the old Wi-Fi technology a802.11. It also supports 2.4 Giga Hz channels and the latest 5 Giga Hz that are compatible with double routers.


It has an Internet plug and supports Wi-Fi 802.11. The connection is limited to 2.4 Giga Hz

  • Xbox One wins in this round as it has better connection options


Storage capacity

Xbox One

It starts with 500-gigabyte hard disk and reaches 1 terabyte.

Please know that, if the user replaces the internal disk, they would lose the warranty.

An external memory has to be of 256 gigabyte or more and compatible with USB 3.0


It starts with a hard disc of 500 gigabyte and another model is 1 terabyte.

The user is free to replace the internal disk with a bigger one.

The user cannot add external memory.

  • Ps4 wins this comparison because it enables the user to change the internal disk.



Xbox One

It has two USB outlets, an HDMI out outlet and an HDMI in outlet. It also has an Internet outlet, digital sound outlet, Kinect outlet and an infrared amplifier.


It has two USB 3 outlets, and HDMI outlet and an Internet outlet. As well as Play station Eye outlet and a digital sound outlet.

  • Xbox is better when it comes to outlets thanks to the HDMI outlets and the infrared amplifier.

Performance and games

The processor

Xbox One

It has an eight-core processor with a speed of 1.75 Giga Hz, RAM of 8 gigabytes, DDR3 that is not as good as the one for Ps4.


It has an AMD Jaguar eight-core processor of 1.6 Giga Hz speed and a graphics processor Radeon. It also has  RAM of 8 gigabyte GDDR5 and the device is compatible with 86 bit.

  • The processor of Ps4 resulted in better graphics. This makes Ps4 faster than the Xbox One.

Internet connection

Xbox One

It depends on Xbox Live servers to run the games.


It doesn’t require an internet connection at all.

  • In this round it is up to you to decide which is better. We prefer Ps4 since the Internet connection can sometimes go slow or stop especially in Egypt.


Xbox One

If you are an Xbox One gamer then most probably Killer instinct and Halo are your favorite games.

Tomb Raider plays with an average of 30 frames per second.

Battlefield 4 plays with a quality of 720p.


If you are a fan of Nathan Drake then Ps4 is made for you.

Tomb Raider plays with an average of 60 frames per second.

Battlefield 4 has a quality of 900p.

  • We can’t really tell who is better when it comes to games because every gamer has his favorite. Both devices have a wide selection of exclusive games as well as some similar ones. Call of duty is a mutual game between the two. Both devices will provide you with sports games.

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Xbox One

It starts with EGP 4800 with the Kinect. It would cost EGP 4400 without the Kinect. You can compare process through this link.


It starts at EGP 4000 without accessories.

Adding the accessories and extra controls would add to the price. To compare the prices check this link.

  • Ps4 wins this round because it is cheaper and doesn’t require an internet connection which saves money on the long term. Also, you can sell your old games CDs without restrictions, unlike Microsoft.

The joystick

Xbox One

It is the same as the joystick for Xbox 360. However, there are some minor enhancements. You can now hold and control the joystick easier. The distance between the two sticks gives you better control.  There are new buttons added like the button “View” that helps with switching from a scene to another and it smoothly shows the scenes. Also, there is the Menu button that shows the playlist and the playing options.

The Xbox One joystick comes with two AA rechargeable batteries. However, you cannot recharge it with the USB outlet but using a special charger you have to buy. The age of this battery is much longer than the one of Ps4 as it could last for 7 days.


The Dual Shock 4 joystick is convenient and easy to hold. It is much better than its previous version Dual Shock 3. It is also fun to use. Through the share button, you can record a video while playing and take photos that you can later share on social media.

All buttons are easily accessible and you would find new functions in this new version like the unwired sound control and the built-in speaker that comes in handy with games that has strong or interesting sound effects.

The joystick battery lasts for 8 hours of continuous playing and can be recharged through the USB.

  • The Ps4 Joystick wins.

The terminal devices

Xbox One

It comes with Kinect that has a sensing ability of 1080 megapixels and also supports the infrared which comes in handy in darkness. Kinect is specially designed to accurately sense and respond to your movement, which makes the games simulation much faster and more exciting. This helps the old and the young players to exercise and burn calories instead of sitting for long hours. The Kinect comes for free with the Xbox One. The Kinect also records your heartbeat and takes voice orders and you can take photos of the game.


As for the PlayStation Eye, it doesn’t come with the Ps4 and costs around EGP 400. This is also a sensor and comes with two cameras of 1280p and 800p and four microphones. This gives you an entertaining experience. The device responds to voice orders and you can take photos of the game while playing. There is also a technique that dictates the players and gives each a color and it can recognize the players’ faces.

  • Both devices provide great options in the world of virtual gaming.  You may compare between the two depending on price, performance, games or sensors. However, the Xbox One has a higher potential to win the comparison.

At the end of the day, the choice varies depending on how you use the device. Both devices have great features, libraries with hundreds of diverse games. The Ps4 joystick is more convenient, but the Xbox Kinect looks great and with the option of adding an external memory, the Xbox One seems like a better option. Ps4 has a neat design and a more reasonable price. Plus the Xbox one is more engaging as the whole family can use it in different ways. These are all consideration to make up your mind.

So as a professional gamer, what would you choose?

Ps4 Comparison Xbox One
AMD Jaguar eight core processor with a speed of 1.6 Giga Hz Processor Eight core processor with a speed of 1.75 Giga Hz
RAM of 8 gigabyte GDDR5 RAM RAM of 8 gigabyte DDR3
Two USB 3 outlets, HDMI outlet, Internet outlet, PlayStation Eye outlet, digital sound outlet Outlets Two USB outlets, HDMI in, HDMI out, internet outlet, digital sound outlet, Kinect outlet
Hard disk of 500 Gigabyte or 1 Terabyte. The user can change the internal disks Storage capacity Hard disk of 500 Gigabyte or 1 Terabyte. The user cannot replace the internal disks without losing the warranty
Doesn’t connect to an external memory External memory Accept external memory of 256 Gigabyte or more and compatible with USB 3.0
Dimensions (10.8x2x12) inches. Weight 2.75 kg Dimensions and weight Dimensions (13.5×3.2×10.4) inches. Weight 3.56 kg
Blu-ray- DVD Disk drives Blu-ray- DVD
PlayStation Eye Camera Movement sensors Xbox One  Kinect 2 1080p
Starts at EGP 4000 with no accessories Price Starts at EGP 4800 with the Kinect











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