Tobi Travel Steamer Review: Pros, Cons & User Experience

Pros, Cons Price of Tobi quick travel steamer

By: Fatma Namek & Heidi Soliman

Imagine a scenario where you put on perfectly ironed clothes for a wedding or an important meeting, but the moment you step out of the car, you find your perfect outfit is all wrinkled up! Or a scenario where you are traveling light and don’t have space for an average sized steamer, for instance. That’s when a travel steamer will definitely come in handy. 

Our team at Yaoota has reviewed Tobi travel steamer for you, starting from its pros and cons to its specifications, prices and even where to find it. Feel free to order it online via Yaoota to have the travel steamer delivered to you in no time.

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Tobi Quick Travel Steamer


Heat-resistant plastic






  • It is compact and small in size, making it easy to travel with. You can take it with you anywhere so that you won’t have to worry about wrinkly clothes.
  • It can remove odors from pillows, mattresses or children’s toys.
  • It can also be used to iron curtains and furniture of any type of fabric.
  • You can clean dirt and chairs with Tobi. You can also add a refreshing detergent with the water to give fabrics a pleasant smell.
  • The heat and steam help get rid of the wrinkles and creases from garments.
  • It comes with a lint roller that gets replaced on the handle to get rid of any wool residue or lint on jackets and wool pullovers.
  • Since it’s a steamer not an iron, you don’t need to find an ironing table or a free space to store it.
  • Don’t worry about burning your clothes off like in the case of regular irons. 
  • No more hassle of finding a good dry cleaning spot or losing the clothes at the dry cleaner’s.
  • Tobi is 220V and 1500W, which is considered strong.
  • The body of the steamer is made of good-quality plastic that doesn’t transfer heat.
  • The steamer comes with a lint roller to get rid of lint and with a cup to fill the steamer with water. It also comes with a small brush.    


  • It only has a three-month warranty.
  • The pressure of the steam isn’t stable; it goes up and down, and after long use, the steam pressure becomes less and less.
  • Sometimes, the steamer leaves water residue on garments.
  • It doesn’t have its own stand to store it on.

User Experience

Mai Abdullah: “I bought it some time ago. It’s good for women’s and children’s clothes, and also for night gowns. I find it useful when ironing scarves. I am never worried that it might burn my clothes. It also works well with denim and linen. The only problem I have with this steamer is that I can’t iron collars and edges.”

Jumana Hossam: “This is a really nice steamer and I recommend it to others. In seconds, you find your garments ironed, even garments with heavy fabrics. My aunt had the Tobi steamer and that was the first time I tried it. I found it to be wonderful, especially with cleaning the curtains. I told myself I had to have it, so I went and bought my own steamer right away.” 

Samah Ali: “The steamer is really nice and very easy to use. But sometimes it leaves water residue on the garments. It dries out fast, though.”

Umm Youssef: “Frankly, ironing with the steamer is enjoyable. But I like to iron when the clothes are spread out on the ironing table. The good thing about the steamer is that it doesn’t leave black clothes, especially the ‘abayas’, looking shiny like steel irons do. If I am in a rush, I just iron clothes when they are still on their hangers.” 

Lina Marzouk: “Once you try it, you will understand how important it is. Its most important quality is that when you iron black garments, the black color doesn’t shine, like when you use steel irons. Also, the color of red garments sometimes changes with the regular iron, but this doesn’t happen when you use the steamer. I like that it comes with a lint roller; it gets rid of all the lint, and it’s even good with leather, silk and scarves.”

Moustafa Hussien:” This steamer is an essential appliance for me because I work in Sharm Al- Sheikh and live alone. I used to spend a lot of money on dry cleaners. After I got this steamer, it made my life a lot easier. I can easily carry it with me in my bag anywhere I travel to.”

Check out Tobi Quick Travel Streamer-1500W. 

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