Lenovo Legion Y520 Laptop Review


Review and Price of Lenovo Legion Y520 Laptop

By: Mohamed Hamdy & Heidi Soliman

We know that the Playstation and the XBox are specifically made for video gaming. They give an entertaining and fun experience and have been used widely in the past years and many people have enjoyed having them and some got even quite addicted to them. The problem is that they are expensive and not many people can afford them. However there’s an alternative for video games enthusiasts like this laptop (Lenovo Legion Y520), which is considered highly efficient and can handle other functions not just video games. And most importantly it’s not as expensive as video game devices.

Lenovo is considered a company that manufactures highly efficient laptops; this model proves that Lenovo pays attention to video gamers needs. In this review you will learn more about the laptop’s descriptions, pros, and cons. If you liked this laptop and you want to buy it, you can compare its prices through Yaoota and simply place your order online to have it delivered to your doorstep.

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  • Intel Core i7 processor
  • The original release of this laptop had Windows 10 from Home, however the Egyptian model release doesn’t come with an original Windows for the purpose of decreasing its price. It comes with operating system DOS.
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 graphics processor.
  • It has two RAM slots, each one has a RAM capacity of up to 8GB which means the laptop can have RAMs up to 16GB in total.
  • Memory is 1 terabyte.
  • Two 2W power Harman speakers with Dolby Audio™ Premium technology.
  • High resolution screen (FHD15.6) and 1920 x 1080p. Screen Type is 16:9 (IPS) and it’s anti-glare.
  • Laptop dimensions (380 x 265 x 25.8 mm) and weighs about 2.5Kg.
  • The laptop gets connected to Wifi internet and can be connected to other devices through Bluetooth.
  • Three USB 3.0 outputs, one USB 2.0 output, one USB 3.1 (type-C), one HDMI port to connect to TV screens with 4-in-1 Card Reader.
  • 3 Cell batteries with 45W/hr Lithium-Polymer.
  • Laptop comes with already installed Power2Go, PowerDVD, Microsoft Office 2013, Lenovo Companion, Lenovo Nerve Sense, Magic Y Key, Lenovo OneKey Recovery.


  • Good quality and efficient processor gives an improved performance especially when operating video games.
  • The graphics card allows users to play games smoothly and with capable frame rates. Even if users are playing video games that are high in graphics, the performance of the screen is also good, gives users a good gaming experience.
  • The 16GB RAMs are the highest among all other laptops.
  • The high storage of the hard disk (1 terabyte) allows users to save a lot of files, videos, games and films on the laptop.
  • The screen size and type is very suitable for gaming and the screen is also comfortable for the eyes.
  • The battery lasts for a long time in regards to the laptop’s high performance.
  • The laptop has many output and input ports that make connecting many devices and chargers accessible.


  • The laptop doesn’t come with an original operating system, so it will cost users extra money to install an additional original operating system.
  • The laptop’s weight is considered heavy, thus it doesn’t make it portable-friendly or suitable for moving around from one place to the other.
  • The laptop’s price is considered expensive compared to other laptops in the market.
  • Although the laptop is designed for gaming, it doesn’t come with video game CDs or discounts on electronic games.
  • It doesn’t come with accessories like the mouse, keyboard or headphones, users has to buy them separately.

User Experience

  • What’s special about the Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop is that it’s designed for video gaming, for this reason it comes with very high features in order to handle any game-load even games that are very high in graphics. But what’s even more special about it is that it has various inputs and output ports and also has great audio quality.
  • On the other hand, the laptop doesn’t come with an original operating system even though it’s quite expensive. Users were expecting to get an original Windows CD along with the laptop or pre-installed Windows on the laptop.
  • Also users were expecting a much lighter laptop to be able to carry it from one place to another easily.


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