Potatoes Made Easy With These 11 Kitchen Tools


Potatoes Made Easy With These 11 Kitchen Tools

By: Mai Sroor & Heidi Soliman

Potatoes are earth apples or as the French call it ‘pomme de terre’ for being high in fibers and packed with vitamin B&C, iron, carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids and zinc. Also, potato skin is known to have high percentage of calcium and phosphorus. And in addition to its deliciousness and all the yummy dishes that could be made using potatoes, its skin has antioxidants nutrients that can reduce the risk of cancer. That’s why we are not surprised that potatoes are the most popular vegetable in the world that get planted and harvested in many countries. It comes in 4th place after wheat, rice and corn in terms of being an essential food. The first harvest of potatoes was 4 centuries ago in South America, and Spanish sailors were the ones who brought it to Europe for the first time. From then harvesting potatoes has spread around the world.  

And because we at Yaoota know that potatoes are delicious and couldn’t be resisted. We’ve made this useful guide of kitchen tools for our readers. These tools will help you prepare potatoes in more than one shape and way. Through this guide you will know all the pros, cons, description and also compare between prices. If you like any of these tools, simply place your order online to have it delivered at your doorstep.          

*Prices listed in this article are the ones provided at the time of its publication, and are subject to change according to the supply and demand of the market.

1- Potato Peeler

Although like we mentioned earlier potato skin is healthy and rich in calcium and phosphorus, the skin of some kinds of potatoes have to be removed. For this reason we have to use sharp, easy to use tool that most importantly won’t peel the actual potato layer when used and this potato peeler will do just that very easily. 

Check out Metaltex – easy to use and clean stainless steel potato peeler with movable blade here.

And for other types of peelers go here.

2- French fries cutter

Perfectly cutting and shaping french fries is a very important process in making fries. With this tool you can cut potatoes hassle-free in many different shapes and as we know the most popular and favored cut for potatoes are the french fries cut.

Check out Metaltex – Potato cutter 36 holes – Potato plus here.

And for other types of cutters check here.

3- Potato chips cutters

Cutting potatoes in the form of chips is favored among kids and adults too. You can simply make potato chips just like the one you find in the bag of chips by using this chips cutter. Its crispiness is based on the way it’s cooked but getting the perfect cut is the first essential step for making it crispy.

 Chips grater

This tool is perfect for grating potatoes and vegetables. It’s also easy to use and clean.

Check out Ideal home chips grater here.

Spiral slicer

Spiral chips are a hip and fun shape for kids and for adults as well. At first we used to only get these fries from fast food chains or restaurants, but now it’s possible to get the same shape at home. Using this tool, it is a very simple and fun process. It’s design is simple, either made of plastic or stainless steel, and 23cm long. It’s easy to use and clean and most importantly it’s made of food-safe material.

Check out the spiral slicer here.

And for more kinds of potato spiral slicer check here.

Smart 2 in 1 utility knife

This smart  2 in 1 cutter and knife is made of stainless steel and its handle is made from ABS (23cm long) and the blade is 12cm long to cut potatoes easily and also it can be used to cut vegetables and meat.

Check out smart 2 in 1 utility knife and cutting stainless steel here.

4- Microwave chips maker

Easy and fast way to make chips in the microwave, the chips are cut with the stainless steel slicer and then you put them in the plastic 20cm container then inside the microwave to cook. Its very healthy as you can cook the chips oil-free.

Check out Cooking Cook Healthy Microwave DIY Potato Chips Maker here.

5- Microwave potato cooker 

This cooker cooks potatoes in just 4 minutes in the microwave. The potato bag is microwave-safe with dimensions 24 x 19 cm. It holds up to 4 large potatoes and can be washed and reused. It can be used in cooking corn and reheating bread.

Check out Generic Microwave Potato Cooker here.

And for the microwavable cooking socket check here.

6- Potato masher

Mashed potatoes and potato puree’ are two popular and favored dishes for many people. In order to reach the perfect mash you need to use a strong and easy-to-use masher just like this one.

Check out the potato masher here.

7- Potato masher handle

This handle for mashing potatoes is made from very strong plastic and can be easily used and cleaned. It is non-stick, so it can mash potatoes inside pots and pans easily.  

Check out the potato masher handle here.  

And you can check out other potato mashers here.

8- Potato masher hand blender

Tornado hand blender is multi-functional and comes with many accessories. It comes with a piece specialized in mashing potatoes. The blender has an 800 W power and is made of stainless steel and has variable speeds. Its best qualities are its sleek modern design in addition to being easy to use and clean.

Check out the potato masher hand blender here.


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