Pamper Your Car with Yaoota!

By: Amany Samir & Yara El Hemaily

Your car is your second home. It’s where you listen to music, make important phone calls, or head somewhere you would enjoy your time! It’s a moving luxury that can take you anywhere and provide you and your loved ones trouble-free travel and many special memories together. That’s why it’s time you pampered yourself by pampering your car!

And because Yaoota cares about you and your car, we decided today to bring you a comprehensive guide to everything related to the protection, proofing, and maintenance of your vehicle. All of the following products can be ordered by Yaoota and will be delivered to your location at the best price and as fast as possible.

*Prices of the products in the article are prices listed in the stores at the time of publication of the article; prices may fluctuate up and down according to market forces.


1- Car Cover

Made of high-quality waterproof and dust-proof materials, the car cover will keep your car clean and safe all year long! It is also available in large sizes to fit large cars (such as Mercedes and BMW). It also has a bright red color for the fans of the color or whoever owns a red car. It is a great gift for your best friend or any family member who is still battling dust, direct sunlight, or the winter rain!

Check out the Car Covers from here.


2- Air Compressor for Cars

This compressor fills the car tires with pressurized air in less than 3 minutes once it is connected to your car’s battery. It also has a pressure gauge to measure and adjust the tires ideally to reach the required level. Not only that, but you can also use it to blow the tires of motorcycles and bikes, toys, and air mattresses. It is indispensable in your car or at home.

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3-  Car Cup Holder

Made of high-quality plastic, it is designed to fit comfortably in your car. It accommodates two cups, and has an extra storage space for your personal belongings, such as a mobile phone or snacks. With a cup holder in your car, it is now easier for you to have breakfast or drink your favorite coffee inside the car.

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4- Car Towing Rope

This rope is designed to pull the car in cases of emergency. Whatever the car’s size, it can tow up to 3 tons of weight and is equipped with 2 steel hooks. The steel closes with a swivel to ensure the rope doesn’t slip off the car. The length of the wire amounts to 4 meters of iron. In addition to this, there is a cover made of plastic to protect it from the dust and damage and keep it clean when not in use.

Check out the Car Towing Rope here.


5- Tire Pressure Gauge

It has a lightweight design that can be stored anywhere and is labeled in a clear and easy-to-read way. It is suitable for measuring most types of tires, such as car, truck, and scooter tires, and is made of high-quality materials that will last years with you!

Check out the Tire Pressure Gauge here.


6- Car Anti-slip Pad

The adhesive mounting disk for car dashboards is a lifesaver for your personal belongings! It protects them from damage and loss because it is made of a magnetic plate that holds anything you attach to it, regardless of what speed you’re driving or what speed bumps you come across. It has the ability to hold your sunglasses or personal items of any size. And the best part is, it can be used not only in cars, but in trucks, boats, or planes as well. It is easy to wash and clean.

Check out the Car Anti Slip Pad here.


7- Car Vacuum Cleaner

It has the ability to suction dust and clean the seats, floors, and hard and narrow places in the car. It easily operates through the cigarette lighter outlet and does not affect the car battery. It is equipped with a long wire (up to 2 meters) to suit your car, no matter how large its interior is.

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8- Car Mats

It is a collection of 5 pieces of carpet mats of different sizes to fit the front and rear seats of your car and keep the car floor clean. They are made of high-quality materials to resist dirt and dust. It has a dark gray color that matches all sorts of cars.  Their French design will bring out the beauty and elegance of your car.

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9- Car Rear View Camera

This camera gives you a clearer and more comprehensive view of the road behind you. Despite its small size, it makes a big difference in avoiding road accidents, even when it’s foggy and murky. And it’s not limited to cars only! It can be used with different means of transport, such as trucks. This camera will make you drive better and become more reassured about your personal safety and that of those around you.

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10- Car Wash

It is a combination of high-quality waxy materials that help you clean your car easily, make it shiny, and preserve the original color of the car, making it always look brand new. That is all thanks to the wax in the product that protects the car from dust and harmful gases for the longest possible time.

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11- Children’s Car seat

When you use this seat, your child is perfectly safe. It is suitable for newborns and toddlers alike, with side protection systems to better control your child’s position. Using this child seat will ensure your little ones a safe and comfortable ride every time.

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12- Car Charger

This charger’s strength is 10 watts. It’s easy to use, so you can put it into any power outlet in your car to start working perfectly to charge your mobile phone or device. That is, in addition to its simple and attractive design that relieves you of the long wires that take ages to disentangle. With this charger, you won’t have to worry about running out of power anymore.

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13- Car Wrench

It encompasses a variety of essential equipment that is indispensable in your car when it comes to repairing minor damages that you can fix yourself. It comes bundled in one, pocket-size structure, with a suspension to be installed in the pocket. It consists of Phillips-head and slot-head screwdrivers and iron rasps. The night vision works with a dry battery, so it can sustain itself without an electric current. With the car wrench, you’re always ready! 

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*Some items may currently be out of stock, but they will be available soon. If you encounter any similar problem, please comment on the article, or contact us through our Facebook page.

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