Online shopping: the future of this planet


By Ibrahim Ramadan & Translation by Dina Amir

Recently the internet became an inevitable part of our lives. More than 50 million Egyptian users depend on it to get their information and know what’s happening in the world around them. Smartphones, laptops, tablets all of these advanced devices created a huge need for what we call today (Online Shopping).

Shopping Online

  • It’s exactly as your old shopping but it’s done online.
  • You need a good Internet connection, a device to connect to the Internet, such as: your laptop, mobile, PC, or a tablet, and open to start your online shopping.

  • First search engine for all the online products. Once you type the name of the product you want in the search bar, you will get a page full of the online stores that offer it, along with a price comparison and a description.
  • Yaoota search engine includes more than 400 online stores, including: Jumia,, Yashry and many other top stores.

Advantages of online shopping

  • You do your shopping from your device at your cozy home.
  • Saves time that you might waste in traffic jams, transportation, and parking.
  • Saves money as in most cases you pay less for the online product than the one in the physical store.
  •  You can compare between different types of products without going anywhere.
  • It’s delivered to your doorstep and you choose the suitable time for you.
  • Online shopping is 24/7. This means no specific time for shops to close, or open.
  • You will avoid all the annoying sales people who oblige you to buy.
  • You can exchange any defected product easily; unlike in physical stores sometimes it’s not easy to do that.
  • You don’t have to pay by credit card or visa. You can choose the payment method that suits you the most even if it was cash on delivery.

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You want to tell me it’s flawless? No, nothing is flawless

Disadvantages of online shopping

  • Products are intangible, as you only see pictures that you can’t touch or try.
  • You might not trust the website you’re buying from as you’ve no idea if they’re trusted or if they only want your money.

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How does Yaoota overcome these problems?

Here comes the core of this article

Tips for online shopping

  • Make sure you access secure websites whose URL start with ‘https’ as the ‘S’ stands for secure. It also should have a green lock as our website as seen in this picture.


  • Enter your full correct data.
  • Check the delivery policy, as well as the exchange and refund.
  • Save your orders and your receipts, as you might need them later.
  • If you’ll use your credit card, enter the exact amount of the order only.

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Yaoota, a website to trust.

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