Online shopping DOES exist in Egypt

Many stores now work online only; this is even more common among start-ups.

When we get asked about what is, our standard response is that “we are Egypt’s comparison shopping engine.”

We are usually taken by surprise at the follow up question, which is usually “is there even online shopping in Egypt?”

Well, there is, and it has been around for many years – some online stores have been around for ~ten years! We will not try to convince you why to shop online – online shopping and e-commerce will be big in Egypt anyway, like everywhere else. But check out the below snippets, just to realize that Egypt is steeply converging to online, just like every other country:

1- when we were just getting started with our ambitious in 2012, we counted a dozen (give or take) established Egyptian online stores. Most of them were selling electronics and computers. As of the publication date of this post, we have collected give or take 80 Egyptian online stores that we included on

2- almost every week there is a new online store popping up

3- by now, you can even shop for your fresh produce, basic groceries, pet supplies and tobacco online

4- top classifieds and ecommerce websites are consistently ranked among the top 30 visited websites in Egypt

5- all household names, especially mobiles, tablets, electronics, computers, and white goods, have well established online stores. Also all offer cash-on-delivery, which is a testament to how serious of a selling channel online has become

So why do you not give it a shot, and try placing an order for your next gadget? Go ahead, and buy your next mobile phone or tablet in Egypt by ordering online!

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