Online Shopper’s Checklist

DISCLAIMER: We are not giving you black-and-white advice on which sellers you should use – the following is just a quick-check summary for buying online.
If you are using Yaoota for searching or shopping online, it is worth sharing with you how to decide whether to buy from a seller. We know this because our job for the greater part of last few years has been to qualify sellers for inclusion on Yaoota:

  • when a seller only has a Facebook page, and no standalone website, that should raise your eyebrows

  • when you see a seller making an offer like unlimited warranty, or selling at a price that is too good to be true, pinch yourself.

  • the same applies when a product looks fake, cheap, repackaged, or worst case: stolen. Don’t fall for frauds

  • when you signup to buy, your seller’s website URL should turn green – and the address should change from to, which means the connection is secure, and can be used for transmitting your private information. Always make sure you are on a secure and verified website

  • when a website looks like it was designed in the early days of the internet – stay away

If you have a question, or when in doubt, pick up the phone and call the phone number provided on their page, or send an email with your question. Professional, well operating sellers usually get back to you within 24 hours. And you can tell how professional a company is from the way your call is handled. Happy shopping!

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