10 Unconventional Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

By: Amany Samir & Magy Ghaly

Our moms being our favorite heroes and idols, we feel the urge to get them the best gift ever whenever Mother’s Day is near! But with all the options and choices out there, it can an overwhelming process to choose just the right — and unconventional — present that is both practical and expressive of our love.

To help you choose faster, Yaoota has prepared this article to present to you 10 unconventional gift ideas for your beloved mom. Surf the article, check the prices and description of each product, and buy it online via Yaoota to ensure the best price and the fastest delivery.

Happy shopping!

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(1) Diadora Running Shoes

It is made of high-quality materials that absorb shocks to feel maximum comfort while jumping or running for long distances, in addition to being breathable to keep her skin clean and healthy. Its white and purple colors also suit every energetic woman.

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(2) Essence Pure Perfume

It is a women’s perfume that was released in 2003 by S.T. Dupont. It is a mix of fresh fruit flowers with musk and vanilla that gives an energetic feeling. That is why it is recommended to wear during daytime to always feel fresh and gorgeous.

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(3) Bag and Scarf Set

It includes a medium-sized bag made of gabardine and a scarf made of cotton, both with decorative patterns to be a full set to wear with a blouse or a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. She can also wear them with a plain dress that would bring out her elegance and style.

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(4) Happy Mother’s Day Cushion

This gift is a beautiful idea with a great design. It is a cushion with a cover made of white satin, and printed on it is a floral wreath with “Happy Mother’s Day” written inside in Latin letters to make for the perfect gift for your mom to put in her room or on her bed or in the living room to decorate the sofa and to always remain a good memory.

Check out Happy Mother’s Day cushion here.

(5) Shoe Care Kit

This set consists of 5 pieces to keep leather shoes from cracking. It includes a shoe shine sponge, long shoe horn for better control wearing her shoes, a deodorant, an insole cushion to keep the feet healthy, and a shoe heel jelly pad made of silicone to keep it from cracking or shocks. All of that comes in a bag of plastic to keep all the tools in one place.

Check out shoe care kit here.

(6) Mother’s Day Mug

This mug is made specially as a gift for every mom on her special day. It has prints with bright colors with the word “Mom” written in simple Latin letters to express how important her presence is. This gift is affordable, even for kids; they can buy it with their pocket money to express how much they love their mom.

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(7) Casio Watch

It is made of stainless steel that is rust- and heat-resistant. It is also water-resistant, which is why your mom will not need to take it off when using water or washing her hands. She can wear it all day and in all seasons. It is provided with a battery that lasts for at least 3 years, not to mention that Casio is a reputable brand when it comes to watches.

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(8) Paperblanks Notebook

This notebook stands out with its unique design of decorations and engravings made of pearls with a satin bookmark to easily go back to where you left off. This notebook is a piece of art that can be a valuable gift for every mom who loves to write.

Check out Paperblanks notebook here.

(9) Woolen Shawl

This shawl stands out with its artistic design and distinctive flaming colors like red and burgundy with their different shades. It is made of heavy materials of high quality to make your mom feel warm and comfortable all day. It is an open-front shawl, so she can wear it in many different ways.

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(10) Tablet PC

This device has an HD screen with powerful touch to use it smoothly and easily. It is provided with Wi-Fi and a camera, in addition to internal storage enough to store the files you need to keep. It is a valuable gift for every modern mom who always keeps pace with the evolution of technology.

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