MG Washer 2 Carrier New Model Semi-Automatic Review


By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

The MG automatic washing machine is known for its large size and capacity of 10kg. Which is useful for washing blankets, duvets, etc and makes the washing machine suitable for large families. Semi-automatic washing machines are known for saving up on washing powder, water and electricity. In addition, you can use any type detergent with it, thus no need to buy the expensive kind. The washing machine consists of two containers, one for washing and the other for rinsing and squeezing out the water. One of the great features of the MG for many people is the high level of cleanliness and ability to remove stains. That’s why most people prefer the semi-automatic washing machines till now, some even use it with the automatic washing machines. The inner drum is made of stainless steel and is smooth on clothes and textiles unlike regular washing machines that are typically rough on wool and silk. The MG washing machine is of course anti-rust and is affordable for any budget. 

In this Yaoota review, we will go in details about the top description, pros and cons of the         

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  • Model number: 8MG10
  • Capacity: 10kg
  • Material: Plastic
  • Loading type: Top.
  • Number of wash programs: Multi
  • Type: Semi-automatic



  • The washing machine comes with 2 containers/basin, one for washing and the other for drying. The presence of 2 containers/basins distinguishes it from regular washing machines and reduces the burden of drying, especially that the drying cycle is quick.
  • It’s very economical in saving washing powder, as you can use different types of powders or detergent and you won’t need large quantities.
  • It’s distinctive for having a large capacity of 10kg and suitable for medium- and large-sized families. Because the washing machine saves in the number of wash cycles and washes blankets as well as textiles. Also, it saves dry cleaning money and the effort of manual wash.
  • High spin rate and high squeezing power. Further, the laundry doesn’t take long to dry.
  • Works by a two-way vortex system, which makes the washing machine’s ability to clean and remove stains very high even with white colors. Many people prefer the semi-automatic machine rather than the automatic due its ability to clean.
  • It has a timer to control the time needed based on the type of fabric and degree of dirtiness.
  • The upper opening is easy to handle. It’s useful for the elderly and people who have back pain. You can also add any extra pieces of laundry during the wash cycle unlike automatic washing machines.
  • Equipped with a water pump to drain water.
  • It has multiple programs suitable for all types of textiles.
  • The MG washing machine has a soak cycle for laundry with strong stains and takes time to clean.
  • The control keys are waterproof, so they can be controlled safely.
  • It comes with an anti-bacterial dan in addition to a plastic basket.
  • Made of high quality anti-rust plastic material.


  • The MG washing machine does not save time and effort like the full-automatic. As you need to monitor it, and move the laundry manually from washing to drying.
  • The programs are not varied based on the type of fabrics and textiles like the automatic washing machines. So, it operates on a fixed program.
  • There is no built-in heater, and you need to connect to a heater or heat the water manually.
  • The washing machine’s water consumption is higher than automatic washing machines.
  • Large in size and needs a large space for storage.
  • The warranty period is not mentioned.

Customer Service

  • MG maintenance numbers: 01111500871- 01224005061- 33044844- 33451511.
  • Maintenance and repairs happen at the customers’ homes 80% of the time.
  • Branches are available all over the nation.
  • They offer original spare parts.

User Experience

  • Based on a user’s feedback: “ It has a high capacity for cleaning and washing linen and bed sheets. The washing machine provides decent cleaning, and when there are stubborn stains on white clothes, I boil it first before washing.”
  • “It’s troublesome in winter when I have to move the laundry from the washing basin to the drying basin, but I can add any extra clothes items during the wash cycle.”
  • “You can use any kind of powder, thus you can save a lot on its price.”


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