Let It Snow: Winter Trip Travel Essentials

السفر فى الشتاء

By Shaza Walid

As much as we love traveling to sandy beaches, to enjoy the warm sun, and do all sorts of water activities, traveling in winter has its own unique essence. Its a sense of adventure on its own. Strolling down the streets of a foreign city with a warm cup of coffee, seeing how everything becomes more enchanting when it is raining, and getting to show off our chic winter clothes, are among the joys of traveling in cold weather. However, you have to make sure you are packing right so you make the most out of your trip. Yaoota is here to help you with all the essentials you would need to have on a winter trip right from the avid traveler Abdelrahman Amr, founder of Safar Project.

“Traveling in winter is such a unique experience, because winter in Egypt is usually quite short, having the opportunity to see other countries during that season is amazing,” Amr explained. He added that, “traveling during winter is much cheaper than traveling during summer, especially to European countries.” What a great advantage to traveling during winter, right?

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Some tips for traveling during winter:

  • Know The Weather Beforehand

The weather during winter might be a bit unpredictable. Thus, “knowing the weather forecast for the days you are traveling will help you plan your activities and sightseeing trips better, in addition to knowing what kind of clothes to bring,” Amr said.

  • Plan Your Trip

Doing your research about the city you are visiting will guarantee you do not miss out on anything; Because daylight is shorter during winter, you need to organize your sightseeing trips and activities carefully to make the most out of your trip. Some places might close early in winter or not operate at all, so you need to know this information in advance.

  • Know What to Wear

Packing for a winter trip can be a bit overwhelming, mainly because winter clothes take up much space and you would be afraid to over pack. Amr advised that, “Layering is your best technique on winter trips.” The trick is to pack several lightweight but warm items rather than a couple of bulky coats. This will save you space and allow more variety in your outfits. You would need to think of your base layers and your presentation layers. Base layers consist of the items you wear underneath to keep you warm that no one sees. For instance, you can wear a thermal shirt and/or a wool shirt to keep your core warm. Check out this wool top for women here and this wool pullover for men here. You can also look at a thermal shirt for men here.  

Next comes the presentation layers, which are the items that preserve your body heat and the ones that people see. You can wear sweaters, pullovers, or tunics (for women). A good idea is wearing a windbreaker, which is a coat that resists wind and rain on top of your layers. Check out these diverse collections of sweaters and pullovers for men and women. You can also look at this collection of tunics for women here.

And lastly (yes, a third layer) is your winter coat. This is what you wear outdoors for added warmth. The type of coat you wear will depend on the weather at your destination city. So you would need to choose between a wool coat, a waterproof jacket, or a rain jacket. Because coats take up a lot of space, it is best if you have it with you during your flight/drive to clear space in your bag.

Winter Trip Checklist

Now we move on to the smaller items. The essentials are usually the same for any trip. However, there are some extra items you need to have on a winter trip. Amr shared with Yaoota his comprehensive winter trip checklist, and it includes: 

    • Since you will be walking a lot in cold weather, you need to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Ideally, you would want to take one or a maximum of two pairs of shoes on your trip because winter shoes take up lots of space. It is better to choose leather or rain boots because they are more fitting for winter weather. Check out leather boots here and rain boots here.
    • Socks are essential to keep your feet warm. For optimum warmth, wool socks are the way to go. Try to avoid cotton socks during winter since they hold moisture, thus keeping your feet cold. Check out this collection of socks here.
    • Scarves are a great way to add color to your outfits, in addition to keeping you warm. Check out these wool scarves here, including infinity scarves.
    • An ice cap is a vital winter piece, especially if it is snowing. Make sure it covers your ears and the back of your head well. Check out this collection of ice caps here. If your ears get cold easily, you could also get some earmuffs.
    • Because our limbs are the first to get cold, specifically our hands, it is very important to keep them warm. Make sure your gloves are breathable and quick drying. Check out this collection of winter gloves here. If you get frustrated every time you have to take off your glove to use your phone in the cold, then check out this iGlove, which has touch friendly fingertips that allow you to scroll through your phone with warm hands.
    • As much as we love watching the rain and smelling the freshness of streets afterwards, we need to keep ourselves warm and dry with an umbrella.
    • Leggings are essential in winter because you can wear them under your trousers to keep you warm and as pajama bottoms so you save more space. Check out this collection of colored leggings here.
    • Moisturizing is crucial during winter because the cold weather can leave your skin chapped and dry. Make sure you have a travel-sized lotion bottle and a lip balm with you.
    • Despite what you might think, your skin needs sunblock during winter too. Even if it is cloudy, the harmful UV rays can still cause damage to your skin. The reflection of sun rays from various objects around can also cause harm. Choose your sunblock here.
    • The subtle sun can also harm your eyes, specially if there is snow. That is what a good pair of sunglasses is here for. Check out this collection of sunglasses here. For a comprehensive guide on choosing sunglasses, check out this article, “Yaoota’s Guide to Perfect Sunglasses.”
    • “Your skin needs water during winter to keep your body hydrated and for better blood circulation,” Amr advised. To remind yourself to drink, always have a water bottle with you. Check out this collection of water bottles here.
    • As with any trip, you would need a camera to capture all the great moments. Choose your professional or semiprofessional camera here. To keep your camera rolling in rain and snow, remember to buy a waterproof case. If you were into winter adventures and activities, a Go Pro would be essential for you.

Top Winter Destinations

Traveling during winter is an enchanting experience you will never forget. Here are some cool (fun intended) spots to consider this winter.

  • “Winter in Lebanon has its very distinctive essence,” Amr said. It is a country laden with history, culture, and modernity all at once. And its near and has lots of snow.
  • Geneva, Switzerland, is also a wonderful place to be in winter,” Amr added. It is the hub for hiking, snowing, and excellent chocolate. What could be better? But keep in mind its a bit expensive. 
  • Andalucía, Spain is one of the most recommended places to travel in winter. The historic monuments there will leave you in awe.
  • A city that brings together cultural museums, lavish cafes, and thermal baths. This is Budapest, Hungary.
  • If you were looking to spend the winter somewhere local, then Luxor & Aswan would be a great choice. You will get to enjoy the ancient mesmerizing Pharaonic monuments, exquisite culture, and warm weather.

What do you like most about traveling in winter? And where would you go? Share your thoughts with us.

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