Lenovo IdeaPad I500 Review

lenovo-ideapad-i500- review

By: Joseph Harvey

How good or bad is the Lenovo IdeaPad I500? Yaoota is here to address this question with a detailed and elaborate Lenovo IdeaPad I500 review.

 Lenovo IdeaPad I500 Pros

  • Great keyboard
  • Impressive audio
  • Heat resistant
  • High multitasking abilities

 Lenovo IdeaPad I500 Cons

  • Short battery life
  • Slow hard drive
  • Mediocre gaming performance
  • Washed out colors and poor display
  • Competitors offer better for less.


Lenovo IdeaPad I500 is straightforward and simple. It is mainly for the workplace and juggling multiple tasks all at once. Its speakers are great for conferences, presentations and online communication. It exhibits impressive heat resistance while causing no discomfort to the user. However, data duplication may be a tad slow. The battery life is horrible; it can’t be taken anywhere for more than four hours. Graphics are not bad for a work notebook but really bad for a gaming laptop. Its rating would be 7/ 10.

Lenovo IdeaPad I500 price in Egypt

The price of Lenovo IdeaPad I500 (core i7)  starts at 6777 EGP.

You can search for the price of Lenovo IdeaPad I500 (core i7) in Egypt here.

*Prices may vary from time to time according to the stores offering the product.

Lenovo IdeaPad I500 Review



This laptop was mainly designed for the average workaholic, mostly because it values productivity and multitasking far more than portability. That shouldn’t be as discouraging as it sounds as it could help you out if you are the type of person who likes to take their work home with them.


The Lenovo 500 features a 6th generation Intel core i7 processor, a 15.6-inch HD Flat with 1366 x 768 display and a discrete AMD graphics card. Lenovo has given this laptop a few nostalgic features that seem to be lacking in many mainstream laptops these days thanks to wireless routers. They’ve added an Ethernet port, a DVD-RW drive and a new and uncommon Intel RealSense 3D camera. What the Lenovo Ideapad makes for multitasking and performance, it lacks in battery life and price.


lenovo-ideapad-i500 slots

The design is great with white coating with silver accents, a very elegant and complimenting choice of colors, smooth keyboard, and solid feel. It measures in at 0.97 inches thick and weighs 5.2 pounds.  The ideapad’s  VGA, Ethernet, HDMI, dual USB 3.0 ports  are located on the left side of the laptop, while on the right side you would find it’s DVD-RW drive, SD memory reader, one USB 2.0 port, and the headphone socket.


The screen is 15.6 inches long with a 1366 x 768 pixel display. Unfortunately, this renders your movie experience to disappointment and slightly wanting. The colors appear to be washed out and muted, as the laptop finds difficulty in displaying vibrant colors, but it can display textures quite vividly or at least better than colors. According to measurements by laptopmag.com the Lenovo ideapad’s display produces 216 ( nits), dimmer than mainstream notepads which are 249 ( nits ), which generally means that the colors, will seem washed out and blurry as soon as you shift your gaze to a different angle

The display is less color accurate than its competitors, with a Delta-E score of 4.6 ( a score of 0 is perfect ). This is better than mainstream notebooks which score at ( 5.7) but other notepads have scored better and range closely to the same price as the Lenovo. I’m truly lost when it comes to anything nice or complimentary to say about this laptop’s display. I would not watch anything on this laptop, but it all depends on your preference and purpose of use.


If something is going right, it would be the Ideapad’s JBL speakers; they will blow you away. The speakers easily fill a large conference room with crystal clear audio. Do not expect the default settings to be optimal, try customizing them to what feels most comfortable and clear. You can do this by opening the Dolby Home Theater application and changing the preset to dynamic.



lenovo-ideapad-i500 full keyboard

The Ideapad’s bouncy yet responsive keys will aid your multitasking capabilities by 50 or 70 words per minute. To test your average rate and compare it to the this notepad’s rate per minute then got to 10fingersfast.com and assess your speed and comfort.


This feature is usually neglected by most laptop or notebook users, but not here because the Ideapad’s touchpad is speedy, responsive and sensitive to your desired functions.

Real Sense Webcam

This webcam features normal or a 3D mode, which takes several pictures of your face and then makes a 3D sketch of your face which you can use in any manner you find amusing, but you must first download an application compatible with your 3D webcam. For the normal webcam, resolution and color is authentic, although there may be a bit of noise or static in the background of the picture or video stream.

Temperature ( Heating and Cooling )

We will now investigate whether or not this device can withstand the demanding tasks of our postponed deadlines and rigorous workloads. Throughout tests under extreme and normal conditions the ideapad’s chassis remained cool and calm.  You won’t have to worry anytime soon about overheating.


Powered by a 6th generation Intel core i7-6500u processor with 8GB of RAM and AMD RADEON R7 discrete graphics, the Ideapad hasn’t made a name for itself in terms of gaming. It barely makes it by being casually able to process games. It makes up for that in processing other tasks, several applications, websites and multiple functions which can be exercised all at once with lucid performance. According to GeekBench3, the Ideapad measured an overall performance score of 6,128. Mainstream laptops measure in at 8,936.

The hard drives speed on the Lenovo during copying or file duplication is a rate of 31.42 MBps.


With an AMD RADEON R7 graphics chip under the hood, the Ideapad 500 is good for casual to regular gaming. It isn’t anything great but it could help you squeeze out some fun from this entirely work oriented notebook. On the 3Dmark ice unlimited gaming benchmark it scored 76,761, which is slightly greater than that of average notebooks which score 73,478. Just to be clear this doesn’t mean it is a horrible gaming notebook; it’s perfectly capable of handling any bite sized games but nothing bigger than that. What i mean about large and expansive games is something like BioShock.

Battery life

The Ideapad has a very poor battery life. If all computer settings are at the minimum rate whilst surfing the internet on WIFI then you’re looking at a maximum of (3:42) hours. If you plan on playing games or turning up the brightness then expect your battery life to deteriorate very quickly; it is not advisable to rely on this notebooks portability without having an outlet near you.


The Ideapad includes the Lenovo companion application for system maintenance and customer support, cloud application, and OneKey Recovery for system backup management.

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