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Laptop-guide-budgets By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Dina Amir

Buying a new laptop requires a lot of thinking because you can’t get any laptop and get rid of it two months later. Your lifestyle, your requirements, and your tasks determine which laptop you should buy. Yaoota presents you this list where you will find laptops that suit your requirements and budget. These laptops start from EGP 1,600 with various specifications. If you like any of these laptops, you can buy it online, since we mentioned the specification, pros, and cons of each product, so you won’t need to go to the physical stores.

Everyday Laptops



It’s a very affordable laptop, it saves a lot of money, and its specifications are good in relation to its cost. If you only want to surf the internet, write documents, and do some basic stuff then this laptop will be enough for you; but if you’re planning to do more advanced things, then this laptop won’t be suitable for you.

Price for ASUS X200MA starts from EGP 1,600


Display Size: 11.6 inches     Resolution: 1366*768 pixels

Processor: Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz        RAM: 2GB     Storage: 500 GB

Battery life: 5 hours


  • Weight: 1.2Kg which is very light so you can carry it around easily.
  • Battery survives for 5 hours under heavy usage; the good thing is that the charger is also light so you can take it wherever you go.
  • It has many ports. One for VGA, and one for HDMI on the left on the same side with USB 3 port. On the right side, there are USB 2 port and SD card port, Also there is Ethernet port.
  • Sound quality is suitable for daily usage.
  • Graphics card works well with 2D games.


  • If you want to see a high definition picture or very clear colors, then this laptop is not efficient enough. Can not be used with any work needed an accurate use of colors as design work.
  • Small screen: 11.6 inches
  • The material is flexible, whether the external or the internal body. This includes the keyboard, which makes it difficult for you to know if the right key responded to your type or not.
  • The performance is not good when it comes to multitasking, or using advanced apps. This goes back to the 2GB RAM, unfortunately, you can’t add any external RAMs.



You can surf the internet easily, perform your daily tasks, and watch movies with a fine resolution.   You can open apps, multimedia, along with your daily tasks. It’s slow when you search for files in windows explorer and when it comes to installing apps.

Its screen is 15.6 inches, affordable price along with a moderate performance.

Price for ASUS X553MA starts from EGP 2, 170


Display Size: 15.6 inches     Resolution: 1366*768 pixels

Processor: Intel Celeron or Intel Pentium        RAM: 2 or 4 GB    Storage: 500GB

Battery life: 4 hours      Optical Drive: DVD drive


  • Touchpad is responsive. You can use 3 fingers to switch between pages, go back to home page, and check apps while working. You might not need a USB mouse.
  • Battery survives for 4 hours. Charger is small, which is amazing.
  • Large screen, good RAM relatively.


  • The keyboard is unpleasantly flexible, so the keys sink a bit when you start typing.
  • The keyboard is not comfortable if you want to type quickly, as it’s a bit small.
  • If you love gaming, then this laptop isn’t for you, as it’s not as good with games. Its low performance is clear when you start playing a game. It shows 13 frames per second, which is very low.
  • The screen resolution is average if you will use it for the basic things. Films won’t be seen in a very good quality. The resolution is not consistent in the whole screen if you move you might not be able to see. There’s no problem with the shiny reflective screen.

HP 255 G3


It’s durable and trustworthy. It has a nice design, thin, durable, strong, and has an impressive performance. Fair price from a trustworthy global company. It’s very convenient for students and work. You can surf the internet, finish your daily tasks as writing documents and so on. You can also watch movies, and play games.

Price for HP 255 G3 starts from EGP 2,400


Display Size: 15.6 inches                           Resolution: 1366*768 pixels

Processor: AMD A4 1.5 GHz                        RAM: 4GB                                Storage: 500GB

Battery life: 3 hours                                          Optical Drive: DVD drive


  • Thin and light to carry around
  • Has a DVD drive. Which is great because many companies produce devices that don’t accept any CDs or DVDs to make the laptop smaller and cheaper.
  • The keyboard is suitable for your daily tasks. The touchpad is smooth with 2 large keys.
  • 15.6 inches HD screen. LED with backlight.


  • If you are running a lot of applications. And opened many windows tab and with  a heavy load at work you may notice some slowdown in performance., it will slow down.
  • Battery life is 3 hours under heavy usage only. If you used a power saving mode or less screen brightness, it will last for 4.5 hours.
  • Ethernet port 10/100 megabytes, even though the gigabytes spread on a large scale.
  •  With advanced games, you need to lower the settings. For instance, a game as Batmen: Arkham City, the laptop will display 23 fps if you use less resolution (1280*720). A game as Tomb Raider 2013, the laptop will display 22 fps. Generally speaking, it’s not a gaming laptop.

Moderate performance laptops



You can use this laptop as a tablet or as a laptop at the same time, by separating the 15.6 inches screen from the keyboard.

Convenient to do moderate daily tasks, with some entertainment and simple games. The screen is of a moderate quality, but you can still watch movies, and surf the internet.

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Price for ASUS TP500LA starts from EGP 3,000


Display Size: 15.6 inches                      Resolution: 1366*768 pixels

Processor: Intel core i3, 1.9 GHz         RAM: 4GB                                Storage: 500GB

Battery life: 5-6 hours                           Optical Drive: NO DVD drive


  • You can rotate the screen 360 degrees, which means you can fold the screen.
  • The screen is relatively big, which is good for a laptop, but too big for a tablet.
  • Quick performance, so you can multitask.


  • Viewing angles are not good because the screen doesn’t use IPS tech. These angles are important, as you might want to share the screen with someone beside to watch something with you.
  • Its performance is good with simple games, not the advanced heavy ones.
  • Battery survives for 5 hours, which is good for a laptop, not a tablet.
  • No DVD drive.

Dell Inspiron 5558 i5


This laptop is one of the latest editions of Dell Inspiron 5000 that have many modifications, including an i5 processor.

This laptop is suitable for your daily usage, for surfing the internet, writing documents, watching movies, and playing games, but not for professional gaming.

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Price for Dell Inspiron 5558 i5  starts from EGP 4,399


Display Size:15.6 inches                           Resolution: 1366*768 pixels

Processor: Intel core i5 2.2 GHz             RAM: 4 or 8 GB            Storage:  500GB or 1 TB

Battery life: 5.5 hours under moderate usage        Optical Drive: DVD drive


  • 15.6 inches screen with IPS tech with consistent viewing angles, so you can see from all sides and angles.
  • Hard drive 1 terabyte is a huge space to save whatever you want. Graphics card from NIVIDA 2GB GeForce 920M. Good performance with the daily tasks.
  • Power saving mode, with low screen brightness, can extend the battery life to 11 hours. Using Wi-Fi and surfing the Internet will drop down its survival to 5.5 hours. Under heavy usage and maximum brightness, battery survives for less than 2 hours.
  • Temperature doesn’t go up dramatically, even under heavy usage.


  • HD screen yet the brightness is very low. You will get finely displayed pictures, but don’t expect HD colors; colors look pale for an HD screen.
  • It’s difficult to use it outdoors due to the low brightness. You have to find a shady place, or you won’t see the screen well.
  • If you’re intending to play games, you need to reduce the resolution. Games that are not advanced will be displayed perfectly. Reducing the resolution affects the quality of pictures. Games like Arkham Knight, Batman, and the witcher 3 will face problems and might not be displayed well due to the low number of frames. If you are so into gaming, then this laptop is not the right one for you.
  • There’re speakers, and the sound is satisfying, but there are some flaws, such as not having bass, and it looks a bit cheap. Yet you can listen to it for a long time, better than hurting your ears by using headsets.

High-performance laptops

HP pavilion 17


Just like all the other HP laptops, it has an elegant design, durable and strong material. Big 17.3 inches screen, high-performance processor, huge storage space, and it works smoothly.

Good price for all these specifications. High performance that starts from surfing the internet, basic tasks, entertainment, listening to songs, playing games, and watching videos.

Price for HP pavilion 17 starts from EGP 4,800


Display Size: 17.3 inches         Resolution: 1600*900 pixels

Processor: Intel core i5, 2.7 GHz             RAM: 4GB                 Storage: 750 GB

Battery life: 4-5 hours                  Optical Drive: DVD drive


  • WLED screen with backlight. HD plus a graphics card Intel HD 4400, all of this makes the display bright and simply perfect.
  • Processor and big HD screen (1600*900 pixels). Storage space 750 GB and graphic card that’s suitable for games and for performing your daily tasks smoothly.
  • You will face no problem while using any advanced programs as Adobe Photoshop, or the video editing software.
  •  720p HD camera with 30 Fps.


  • It’s pretty heavy to carry around due to the advanced tech it has. It weighs 2.8 kg
  • Battery life is very low (5-6 hours on average)
  • The Touchpad is too sensitive, which is annoying sometimes. You might need a wireless mouse.
  • There’s no Bluetooth connection. You can use USB port to connect to Bluetooth.

 Lenovo Z5070


If you want a laptop with specifications above average, then this is perfect for you. Of course, you can work your daily tasks smoothly, use many apps at the same time, run design programs as Photoshop, final cut, and After effects with a good resolution.

It’s the best option when it comes to having many specifications plus the huge storage space. You can save all your files on this laptop, play your favorite games, create and display multimedia files. If you’re a designer, you can highly depend on this laptop, because of the huge storage space and the ability to run your design apps without having to face any problems.

Price for Lenovo Z5070 starts from EGP 5,600 EGP


Display Size: 15.6 inches             Resolution: 1280*720 pixels

Processor: Intel core i7                RAM: 8GB                 Storage: 1 TB

Battery life: 2 hours under heavy usage and 3 hours under moderate usage

Optical Drive: DVD drive


  • Its 4th generation processor consumes less energy.
  • Ability to use Photoshop, Adobe after effects and Final cut without any problems.
  • Multitasking and opening more than one thing at the same time won’t cause errors.
  • It cools itself down, during sleeping mode it’s 40-50 degrees, and during heavy usage it’s 67 degrees.
  •  Don’t make any noise while you are using it; except when you insert a CD or a DVD, it makes a loud noise for a while then it fades away.


  • Battery survives for a short time under heavy usage.
  • The Screen reflects light which is annoying.
  • When you press firmly on the keys, the keys might sink down a bit.
  • The material is perfect and durable, but you can easily find fingerprints on it.

Apple MacBook Pro 13.3


Quick performance,  long battery life, high-definition and vibrant screen, comfortable keyboard, very fast and sensitive Touchpad, thin and elegant device, lightweight you can easily carry it wherever you go, elegant design and high quality manufacturing material.

Price for Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 is EGP 11,000


Display Size: 13.3 inches                      Resolution: 1600*2560 pixels

Processor: Intel core i5 2.6 GHz        RAM: 8GB    Storage: SDD 128GB or HDD 500GB

Battery life: 10-12 hours                     Optical Drive:     NO DVD Rom drive

Operating system: Yosemite OSX


  • The Retina screen is one of the main highlights of MacBook Pro 13. 13.3 inches screen with backlight. Resolution 1600*2560 pixels. Bright display and a moderate shine to make the display vibrant, though the reflection is still an issue in sunlight. The important sRGB standard is covered by 91%, which is perfect.  Very dark black might have a shadow of dark gray, but this is not an issue as it doesn’t affect the quality of the screen and the clarity of the display.  High resolution means, very sharp pictures and icons. You can adjust the resolution to 800*1280, but it won’t be easy for you to read a text using this resolution as they will look small. Big pictures and HD videos or movies will look very sharp and perfectly vibrant.
  • You can enjoy playing games, such as batman: Arkham City. As it displays 33 Fps which will give you a chance to enjoy a bright wonderful display because of the Retina Display and the fast processor.
  • Battery survives for a long time. If you used the internet or played videos, it will last for 10 to 12 hours.
  • Touchpad is sensitive to your touch, and it recognizes the strength of your touch per press. For instance, if you pressed softly to perform the normal tasks, then the firm presses or clicks will do different things. You can see an overview of a website if you clicked firmly on it, and so on. It’s more of less close to the 3D touch in the new iPhone 6s.


  • There’s not Ethernet port
  • No DVD or CD-Rom drive
  • The new touchpad might not be comfortable for many, but you will get used to it
  •  Not all the websites and the apps use the Retina technology, which leads to low-quality display. The good thing is that programmers develop these websites and apps fast.
  • It’s expensive. This might be due to the retina screen.

Use to find more results and compare different laptops until you find the laptop that’s more convenient for you from various trustworthy stores.

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