How to use Yaoota?


By Nadia Hussein & Translation by Dina Amir

Yaoota search engine will help you find the items you need, compare prices to get the best offer, without having to waste time and effort walking in malls or even looking in each individual online store separately, and buy online and have the items delivered to your door step.

Yaoota is an online shopping search engine with over 100 stores. Yaoota will help you find all the different available prices for any item you need from more than 100 online stores; this will help you choose the best price, fastest & cheapest delivery, warranty and quality; all while sitting on your sofa. Even if you don’t buy online and decide to check out the physical stores yourself, then using Yaoota will at least allow you to know the real price range of the items you want.

How to search using Yaoota ?

  1. When you first open Yaoota website, you will find a search bar, where you can type the name of the item you want; for example you can write mobile, if you don’t have a specific brand or model to look for.
  2. You write the name of the items that you’re searching for, whether in Arabic or English, then you click search
  3. You can search using the categories, (such as: mobiles and tablets, computers and software, electronics, kids, fashion and beauty, home, office, and sports) to search for the item you need, which will narrow down the results you get and will save your time as well.

Determining the price that suits you best:

  1. As the picture in the beginning of the article explains, the results will be displayed and usually the prices are in ascending order.
  2. If you don’t have a specific brand or model in mind, then you can filter the results according to your budget using “filter” then enter in the “price range” fields your budget (you will find it down on the left side of the page in the English version.)

Go throw the models available, their prices, and specifications, then open the page of the item you like; if there’s a review to emphasize the pros and cons of this product, it will be available on this page.

Purchase decision:

  1. If you decided to buy the item you just chose, click on “buy from X” (X = any store name) and you will be directed to the original website that sells the item so you can finish the purchase steps.
  2. You can choose your favorite payment method from the available ones in each stores (including cash on deliver) and you can ask the store about the warranty and any other inquires that you have. Most of the websites have a hotline or mobile number to make it easier for you to call and find answers for your questions.

What else can Yaoota help you with?

  • If you struggled in any of the steps, you can ask us through our Facebook page or leave a comment on this article
  • You can look for many products on Yaoota as we have various categories as (mobiles and tablets, computers and software, electronics, kids, fashion and beauty, home, office, and sports) and each category has sub-categories.
  • You can log in Yaoota through Facebook, google, or any email that you have to create a favorite list, for items that you like and you want to check later, or items you want to save for any reason. You can also benefit other customers by adding reviews, whether positive or negative,  on the items that you’ve tried and you want to share your experience about.
  • You can also know more information about the various stores, such as: delivery time, delivery fees, warranty, and payment options through visiting
  • Now you can also download Yaoota app on iOS and Android.

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