Spinners: All you need to know

By: Ahmed Hany & Yara Elhemaily

Throughout history, we are used to products appearing out of nowhere and spreading worldwide. Starting from Barbie and LEGO, Mickey Mouse, Rubik’s cube and talking dolls, the world witnessed a leap in children’s toys that transformed them into purely commercial products for the producer and unforgettable memories for its users.

Spinners differ in many aspects, the most important of which are the materials and the shape. In the next few lines, Yaoota will present you the most important type of Spinners in terms of manufactured materials and most importantly the different forms of it. At the end of the article, Yaoota will tell you the pros and cons of the spinners and the extent of danger they might impose on kids.

*Prices listed in this article are the ones provided at the time of its publication, and are subject to change according to the supply and demand of the market.

First, What’s a Spinner?

A spinner is a small body with two or three arms or more. Within these arms is a piece of a heavy weight, and in the middle of the toy a circular area fixed to hold the toy together. All you have to do is push one of the arms without effort to make the spinner arms start revolving for long minutes. Apart from the fact that the spread of the game is mainly due to the pleasure of the moment when the arms rotates sequentially, and originally targeting children, the promotion of this toy in the markets and over the Internet came quite differently. The spinner has been marketed as a tool for adults that can help them get rid of anxiety and stress they may encounter at work. It can also help increase their concentration and relaxation. Thus, the promotion of the spinner has come as an indispensable tool for office staff. Despite the reputation this game acquired, many people do not see it as a stress reliever; just a game for fun. Others think that its impact indeed relieves stress.  However, in absence of scientific research that supports this reputation, no one can honestly endorse this promotion.

Second, Aspects of Spinners

I. Manufacturing Material

It is very important to know the material from which the spinner was manufactured, because the variation of the materials may affect the heaviness of the toy and hence the speed of its rotation and the degree of the toy’s vulnerability to break. In addition to this, the manufactured material may affect the spinning and vibration of the game and the noise it may make while revolving, which may be non-present in some types and quite clear in others. It is important to note that the weight available inside the spinner axis is not necessarily made from the same material the toy is made of. Often, this weight is made either from ceramics or metals, such as iron or chrome.

1. Aluminum

If you’re looking for a cheap spinner, the best choice is aluminum. It is a cheap material on the one hand, and lightweight on the other, in case you want to carry in your pocket something that does not bother you. However, its light weight is a problem that may obstruct you from keeping up the spinning for a long time, which is not the case with heavy spinners.

Check out Aluminum Spinners here.

2. Copper

Copper is one of the materials that may enter the spinners industry. It is characterized by both hardness and distinction. The use of copper in the spinner is not the most popular, so using copper is considered a different thing not only for its scarcity but also for the distinct shapes, precision and style the coppery color provides. Copper, in terms of weight, lies somewhere between aluminum and titanium. The medium weight may help you enjoy long spinning time, but it is not the longest among spinners.

Among the nominations of Yaoota for the copper spinner is the hexagonal arms spinner, which may reach a time of spinning up to 5 minutes from a single blow. This spinner is 100% made of copper, with ceramic weight at each axis.

Check out Copper Spinner here.

3. Plastic

This plastic is often of Ployethylene type. It is a very hard material that does not break and is not affected by water. The manufacture of spinners from this type of plastic is characterized by making the game lightweight, affordable and strong to protect it from breakage or damage. However, you will not find a great spinning speed compared to heavier toys. In all cases, plastic spinner arms are made of ceramic, iron or chrome.

Check out Plastic Spinner here.

4. Titanium

This spinner is the heaviest in the market, and therefore has a long time to spin than the lighter ones. This type of spinner is very stiff and strong, and most of them do not produce noise during spinning. Although the heavy weight of this game is considered an advantage, it is a disadvantage at the same time. It is not convenient to move like the lighter spinners that may be made of plastic or aluminum. In addition to this, it may be expensive because of the material it is made of; it is not economic and does not suit everyone.

Most of the time, the product does not have a label with the manufactured material exactly, but it has a label that says that it is made of metal only. In general, a metal spinner is also heavy and enjoys a long period of spinning.

Check out Titanium Spinner here.

II. Appearance

The most important thing for spinner users is its appearance. It gives you some excellence and provides you a lot of satisfaction, and it is the thing that urges you to buy the toy in the first place. There are many forms of spinners, whether the ordinary or the traditional that we see everywhere or other forms that mimic some cartoon characters and other forms of distinctive design, to suit both children and adults.

1. The Traditional Form

It is the most popular and widespread type around the globe. It contains three arms with a circular weight that helps spinning. This form is mostly made of plastic and aluminum. Because of its high availability in markets, you may find different types, colors and qualities of it.

Check out the traditional form here.

2. Double Arms

These spinners contain only two arms of rotation. This shape is characterized by its small size, elegance and variation of the shape of the toy when spinning. This shape is mostly made of copper or titanium.

Check out the double axis spinner here.

3. Cartoon

There are some shapes that mimic certain cartoon characters, such as:


It is a double arms spinner, which comes in the shape of a bat and is made of a mixture of plastic and metal.

Check out Batman Spinner here.

King Glory

This one is among the most distinctive spinners in terms of appearance. It has three arms, but they are non-noticeable due to the wonderful design. When spinning you will feel that the game generates some visual effects that increase the pleasure of using the spinner.

Check out King Glory Spinner here.

Captain America

One of the most famous cartoon and sci-fi movie characters. The spinner embodies the protective shield used by the hero to protect himself from his enemies. It consists of two arms of rotation but you will not be able to notice them because of the circular shape of the toy.

Check out Captain America Spinner here.

There is another triangular shape for the Captain America spinner that has three arms.

Check it out here.


The fans of spider man can obtain a spinner that signifies their favorite character. It is circular and has the logo of the character in the middle.

Check out Spider-Man Spinner here.

4. Distinct Shapes

These are the spinners you won’t find a lot in the hands of people around you, like these shapes:

Arabesque shape

This spinner is made of metal. It is characterized by having a distinctive shape that resembles the arabesque drawings.

Check out Arabesque Spinner here.

LED Spinners

This spinner is famous for the LED lights installed on each axis of the game. It is similar to the traditional shape of the spinner; the lights are the only thing that distinguishes it, especially when spinning.

Check out LED Spinners here.

Anchored Boat Shaped Spinner

It is a double spinner.

Check out Anchored Boat Shaped Spinner here.

Spinner of Five Arms

It is made of plastic, and some of its other types are made of metal. It is characterized by providing different shapes while spinning.

Check out 5 Arms Fidget Spinner here.

Check out other forms of spinners here and here.

III. Pros and Cons

In this section, we will review some of the pros and cons of the toy and risks as viewed by a number of users and doctors. Please note that all these points are not supported by scientific evidence to prove the validity of the pro or con.


  • Some see that the spinner is not a toy, but is a tool used by some patients for treatment. The toy helps children suffering from attention deficit disorder to increase their concentration. Some users also see that the toy reduces stress and nervous pressure for children and adults, and helps you relax.
  • Some of the toy manufacturers of the spinners claim that it helps stop smoking and reduces involuntary shaking of legs during stress.


  • Psychologically: There is no scientific evidence on the previous points; the impact of the game varies from one person to other. The game just causes distraction more than helping you to focus. For this reason, the toy has been banned in some schools, because it distracts the people surrounding the user. In addition, from the point of view of some, it helps the process of hypnosis, and may make its user more susceptible to being impacted by the opinions and words of people around them. Another con is that your child may become addicted to the toy.
  • Physically: All what is mentioned ahead is some personal experiences of a number of users. It does not mean that it is a defect in the game, because the incident has not been repeated regularly, but sometimes may be the result of abuse. Among the accidents of the game is that the finger of one of the children has been stuck inside one of the openings of the game arms.  The extraction of his finger of metal weight required the intervention of a doctor. Also, one of the children extracted the weight of the game and swallowed it. However, it should be noted that parents should take into account that the minimum age limit of the game is three years-old. By adhering to these instructions, we may avoid some of these accidents.
  • There are some risks that may come from a defect in the game. The types that have LED lighting may have bad quality battery, and may send some electric pulses to the user. In addition, the battery may be accessible to the child and easy to remove from the game, which may be dangerous to the life of the child if they abused the battery through swallowing it, for example.

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