Items for Classic Gentlemen


By Amany Samir & Translation by Dina Amir

The secret behind every elegant and attractive man isn’t how expensive his clothes are, it’s about the items he picks and the way he styles them together. You can wear very simple and affordable clothes, and be just as elegant as a millionaire. Yaoota presents this list of items for all the gentle elegant men out there to help them choose their perfect outfit for special occasions.

You can choose the items you like, order them, and they will be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days.

1.     Black suit

It’s one of the basic things that should be in the wardrobe of every guy, because it is amazingly suitable for any event, happening anywhere; simply it’s an absolute winning card. It’s black, which is the definition of elegancy. You can change the look just by changing the color of the tie and shirt, and voila you have a whole new look.

Offered for EGP 1,150

Find the black suit here 

2.     Shirt

We brought you the most convenient and fancy colors that matches both casual and classic suits.

 White shirt

A winning card, just like the black, as it matches anything you wear and makes you look elegant and smart. It’s a must for every guy to have a white shirt in his wardrobe; as you can wear it with any suit.

Offered for EGP 239

Find the white shirt here 

Blue shirt

It’s a very relaxing and attractive color. You will feel fancy whenever you wear it, whether with a classic suit or a casual suit. You can also wear it on a pair of jeans, and a dark red or dark blue jacket; you will feel warm and look hot.

Offered for EGP 239

Find the baby blue shirt here.

3.     Carrera perfume for men. EDT, 100ml

It smells like fresh fruits mixed with refreshing flowers. Once you spray it, it will take you to a magical classic world. It’s perfect for any modern elegant man. You will feel unique and sexy.

Offered for EGP 129.90

Find the Carrera perfume here 

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4.     Keychain

We also thought about your keychain, since it completes your look. We chose you this unique black keychain; you can also share the second half with your special beloved girl.

Offered for EGP 70

Find this black keychain here 

5.     Black belt

The belt’s color should be similar to the shoes’ color; it’s a rule in the classics world. So we brought you this classic basic black leather belt that matches the black shoes and makes you look elegant and attractive.

Offered for EGP 220.

Find this black belt here.

6.     Green bowtie

Since you can wear your black suit for your engagement or wedding party, we brought you this bow tie to make you stand out from the rest of the guests who will probably wearing ties.

Offered for EGP 284.

Find this bow tie here.

7.     Black shoes

This pair of shoes is made of black shiny leather; it looks classy and classic. You can wear it at work or on a wedding. It will complete your fancy look.

Offered for EGP 395.

Find these black shoes here.

8.     Black watch

Details are always important if you want to look chic. Yaoota chose you this black watch, same color as the shoes and the belt to just make you super classy. A nice watch is ann essential item in a man’s look, as it adds chicness, sophistication and highlights your attention to details. The golden frame of the watch is eye appealing and nice-looking.

Offered for EGP 175

Find this Casio black watch here.

9.     Black wallet

It’s made of black leather to complete the classy look. It has many pockets to match all your needs. You can arrange all your cards, money, and paper notes in an organized way. Its size fits inside any trousers pockets without being bulky.

Offered for EGP 165.

Find the black wallet here.

10.  Tie

Always remember that changing the tie will give you a new look every time.

Orange tie

It’s made out of satin. You can wear it in any event. Its color is fresh and modern. It’s perfectly suitable for a man who wants to look trendy, elegant, and catchy.

Offered for EGP 65.

Find this orange tie here.

Gray tie

It has a soft texture with some black and white dots on the gray background. It matches a white or blue shirt and a grey or a black suit. It would be perfect for a job interview.

Offered for EGP 65

Find this gray tie here.

Navy blue tie

This tie has a navy blue background with tiny brown flowers and dots, and a smooth texture. This tie is perfect for any official occasion or a conference. It will give you that classic formal look.

Offered for EGP 65.

Find this navy blue tie here.

Persian flower- Navy blue tie

It looks classic, yet catch and trendy. It has a dark blue background with Persian brown flowers. It’s perfect for work related events. It will look nice with a baby blue shirt.

Offered for EGP 65.

Find this Persian flower navy blue tie here.

You can visit, search, compare and choose the items you fancy, if you’re not into this collection, as there’s much more out there.

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