Items for a Fun Casual Day


By Amany Samir & Translation by Dina Amir

Practical successful men are always busy, working or thinking about their work; they always seek development, and standing out amongst their colleagues. This is super great, but it can influence their social life, and family life because of their busy schedule. Also some men have to wear formal clothes on a daily basis to work, no doubt it’s not as cozy as casual, yet they got used to it. And sometimes, they don’t have time to check the latest fashion, or go shopping to pick a couple of casual items. Even university freshmen, they are always overwhelmed because it’s a whole new experience, and they want to look flawless, simple and unique.

So no need to look any further, Yaoota brought you these items for a simple casual day; they include items to wear, and even things to use. These items will help you enjoy a cozy fun casual day full of confidence and standing out. If you like anything you found online, you can order it now, and it will be delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days.

1.Polo sweater

It’s simple, elegant, and cozy; the black is a super prestigious color. You can wear it with a patterned shirt, or a shirt of any color of your choice. It matches a light blue, beige, or gray pair of jeans. You can even wear it with sports/sweat pants. It would just complement and fit any outfit.

Offered for EGP 396

Find this Black sweater here

2.Men light blue jeans

It’s unique yet classic for its original light blue jeans. It matches any item of any color; you can wear it with a t-shirt, shirt, jacket, or a sweater of any color or texture. A pair of jeans is inevitable in your closet because it’s cozy, comfortable and easy to put on; not only that, but also, it will end your daily wondering of what to put on?

Offered for EGP 145

Find the blue pair of jeans here

3.Havan Casual shoes

This pair of shoes perfected the combination of simplicity and elegance at the same time. You can wear it with a pair of jeans or any fabric pants. It’s unique color matches anything you wear; it’s also pretty cozy, if you have to work for long hours without feeling any pain.

Offered for EGP 230

Find these Havan shoes here

4.Men handbag

It’s made of superior quality materials, which makes it durable. It has more than one pocket to help you stay organized, and a special padded part to secure your laptop. The elegant beige and navy blue are extremely suitable for every modern contemporary look to enhance your confidence and elegance.

Offered for EGP 695

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5.Leather wallet

Wallet are one of the inevitable things for every man, that’s why we brought you this distinctive black leather wallet. Dimensions 1.5*9*18.5 cm. It has a unique design to fulfill your needs, so it’s not just a wallet for your money. You can keep any small notes inside, without having to worry about losing them, as it’s well closed.

Offered for EGP 131

Find this leather wallet here

6.Warm soft scarf

It is 180*19 cm. It’s made of thick and soft material at the same time so you can feel warm and cozy yet comfortable. You can style it with both casual and formal outfits.

Offered for EGP 30

Find this men’s scarf here

7. Paco Rabanne Invictus Men’s Perfume

It’s a mixture of confidence, freshness, and energy. It’s known as the perfume of winning and success, that’s why the bottle is designed as a cup to give you a continuous feeling of victory. You deserve to be in the first place for any work you do.

Offered for EGP 520

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Yaoota wishes you happy, comfortable and fun casual day.

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