Buy PlayStation 4 or wait for PlayStation 5?



By Mohamed Hamdi & Heidi Soliman

It’s possible to read the title and say to yourself what could be difficult about buying gaming consoles? When you decide to experience the journey of buying a PlayStation console yourself, you will know that the process is more difficult than you think. On Yaoota, we talked before about the experience of buying PlayStation 4 in the capital and we received good feedback. We came to the conclusion that we need to answer more complicated and specific questions, so are you ready? In case you want to buy a PlayStation console, or games and accessories for it, all could be found on Yaoota.

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Buy PlayStation 4 or Wait till 5 is released?

  • This question is considered to be one of the most important and difficult questions anyone could ask about the PlayStation because it depends on the future.
  • PlayStation had announced the release date of PS5, which will be in November 2020, this means that the time remaining for us to see the new gaming console is relatively soon. According to some leaked news about the new PS, it indicates that the new console will have a sleeker design than the PS4 and the console might come with a headset for better sound during gaming. Needless to say the console will come with a better processor, higher graphic efficiency and will support 4k and even higher than that.
  • It’s known that when devices develop, the prices go up. For this reason if you decide to buy the new PS you need to make sure that you have the budget for it. Especially when the new console is first launched, the demand is usually high. So, there won’t be any discounts or offers.

Why buy PS4?

  • If you are looking for the cheapest console available now from PlayStation.
  • If you need specific games such as Call of Duty or GTA that are available in different releases whether old or new.
  • If you can not wait till the release of PS5 and want to own a gaming console right away to start playing.
  • If you are cautious to try new releases and don’t want to experience the problems that may come with fresh devices in the market. And you would rather buy a console that has already been there and was tested out.
  • If you want value for money.
  • If you enjoy after sales services in case of damages or maintenance, as the console is familiar to all who work in maintenance and its spare parts are available.

Why buy PS5?

  • If you like to own the latest releases and you don’t need to update your console for some time.
  • If you consider yourself a professional gamer and you want to start playing the latest games with their latest releases once they are internationally released.
  • If you have a huge budget and want to be on the safe side.
  • If you own a 4k TV and need an ultimate gaming experience.
  • If you are planning to have the latest of gaming consoles for a specific project (Youtuber…PlayStation shop…)
  • If gaming is what you live for and it’s the thing that you enjoy most in life and you are willing to do what it takes to have the latest releases.

Which PlayStation 4 to buy?

  • If you decide to buy PS4, then we would give you a few important tips:
  • Buy the 1tyra version not less than that. It will come in handy with time when downloading and updating games, which take up a lot of space. It allows you to have extra free space when you need it.
  • Buy PS Slim as it’s the latest version and the device looks better, slimmer and doesn’t take up much space. Some people would say that the PlayStation Slim heats up fast. But based on experience it’s nothing you should worry about if you keep the console somewhere with proper ventilation.
  • Buy the suitable version for the market you will use it in, if you will buy games from the Egyptian or Arabic stores, then buy your device from the same region. You have to pay attention to the word ‘region’ written on the console’s box at the bottom. The number on the box has to be the same number on the CDs. In Egypt & Arabic countries, the region is 2. Region 1 is for the USA. And region 3 is Asia.
  • The only case you buy the PlayStation with CDs is if you want specific releases of certain games. Other than that, it’s better if you buy the CDs separately to be able to find better deals.

In case I buy a PS4, when is the best time?

  • Right now, you could find great deals for PS4. Yaoota can help you find the best price for the PS in Egypt. However, we need to keep in mind that the price for the PS4 will decrease with the release of PS5. So what’s best, to buy PS4 right now or after the release of PS5?
  • If you don’t want to wait and want to start the gaming experience right away, then purchase it now. But if you are able to wait till the PS5 is released, you will be able to save money that will be worth your wait. Also, you will have enough time to compare between different releases in relation to description and prices. To be able to make up your mind about which one is best for you.

I  bought a PS4, should I buy CDs or download games?

  • If you have already bought a PS4, of course after congratulating you for your recent buy we would like to inform you that you have two options for buying games. The first is to buy CDs and the second is to download them from the PS Store.
  • In order to know which option is best for you, we have made a table to make things easier.

Why buy CDs?

  • If your HDD space is small.
  • If you have the option to buy CDs with a reduced price or to buy used CDs.
  • If you are thinking about reselling, lending, or exchanging CDs with your friends and you are planning to have a library.
  • If you are thinking of selling your PS account and want it to be free of games.
  • If you are worried your account might get compromised with the games downloaded on it.
  • If you like to take advantage of the offers and discounts on CDs.

Why download games from the PS Store?

  • If you have enough space.
  • If you are able to get exclusive offers and discount vouchers from the PS store.
  • If you have an international credit card and want to use the credit on it.
  • If you have a PS+ subscription.
  • If you don’t want to spend time switching CDs every time you want to play a different game.
  • If you don’t want to wear out the CD reader on your console.

What else can you get out of owning a PS except for gaming?

  • Most of us know that the PlayStation console is not only for gaming. It’s a full entertainment device that you could take advantage of for its features to take the gaming and entertainment experience to a different level.
  • You could subscribe to PlayStation Plus. Which lets you play all the games online with players from all over the world, if the games you downloaded are multiplayer games. Also, it gives you free games every month. The PS+ subscription could come as well with exclusive offers such as free 3 months Netflix subscription.
  • If you are thinking of subscribing to PS+ we recommend that you try the free trial that comes with the console. And if you like it, you could get the yearly subscription to save the most money. Also, you could try to get the subscription during season discounts and get a better price than regular times.
  • You could download entertainment apps on PlayStation such as Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and much more of music and TV entertainment platforms.
  • You could also download the PS app on Android or IOS, where you could chat with your friends on PS Network faster and easier. Also, you could use it to sign in to your PS account quicker.
  • You could switch your TV from normal to smart by connecting a flashdrive or any drive via the USB port located on the PS console. And experience any kind of entertainment from your TV.
  • We have answered the most common questions concerning many people in Egypt and the Arab region about the PlayStation. If you have any questions that you would like an answer to, please do not hesitate and leave your questions in the comment section or via any of Yaoota’s social media accounts.

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