Huawei CM510 Mini Bluetooth speaker pair -Review



By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

The mini bluetooth speakers are one of the sleek looking devices that you could enjoy on your trips, whether when you are at home or out with your friends. The speaker will be your companion for listening to music loudly. And this is because its innovation and bluetooth allows you to listen to music anywhere without worrying about cables or connections. This device is ideal to use with laptops, as you are free to take it anywhere. There are some types of mini bluetooth speakers that are waterproof, for example, the Huawei mini that you can take with you to the swimming pool. The mini bluetooth speaker is also small in size, it has an elegant design and it’s light. Most importantly it provides high bass stereo sound with high purity sound that you can enjoy, in addition to its reasonable price.

In this Yaoota review, we will talk preciously about the top description, pros and cons of the  Huawei CM510 Mini Bluetooth speaker pair, you will also learn about the user experience. If you liked this product and you would like to buy it, compare between prices on Yaoota and pick the price that best suits your budget. Then, place your order online to have it delivered at your doorstep in the fastest time possible.

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  • Shape: Oval
  • Color: Black
  • Compatible with: all devices.
  • Port type: wireless
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Frequency range: 20-21000 Hz
  • Battery capacity: 660mAh
  • Package weight: 240 grams
  • Model: CM510
  • Speaker type: bluetooth speaker
  • Power: 3W


  • It’s designed with a compact size for easy carrying and moving around with it. It’s compatible with a twisted wire so that you hang it onto your bag easily.
  • The speaker is distinguished with a strong bass sound that has a deep bass and loud sound. You can rely on the 3W full range speaker for loud and powerful bass.
  • Stereo headphones with Ture Wireless technology, if you connect 2 stereo headphones together with the same type, they will provide a perfect match and powerful stereo sound for a 360 degree environment.
  • It’s equipped with built-in speakers and a subwoofer to give you a strong clear sound.
  • The speaker is compatible with all devices, and works with bluetooth wireless technology. This makes it easy to operate the speakers easily from any connected source.
  • Very simple design and easy to handle, the bluetooth speaker has only one power button to press. That way you enjoy the music from anywhere. In addition, it has a status indicator and a micro USB charging port.
  • Resistant to water, the headset is identified as IPX4 dailly water- and sweat-resistant. You can use it in the shower or wear it on rainy days without worrying.
  • Very strong battery with a capacity of 660 mAh, and it will last for 4 hours of continuous use.
  • You can receive phone calls via the speakers with a clear voice.
  • The speakers have a great price, great size and high performance.


  • It doesn’t have a USB, through which you can listen to your favorite songs from a flash drive. However, it works via bluetooth only.
  • The speakers dont have noise cancelation, so when you answer calls, you need to be in a quiet and closed place.

User experience

  • Users gave it positive feedback, and they say the sound quality is really good. Also, the sound is high and its small size makes it easy to take anywhere.
  • Users who bought 2 devices and used them together, say the sound is great in open spaces. Further, some users say they were able to double the power of the speaker from Windows, by choosing sound equalization from the settings menu. That way they get to discover the power of double the sound in a great way.


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