HTC One E9 Plus Review



By Nadia Hussien & Translation by Magy Ghaly

We are offering you today the pros and cons of HTC One E9 Plus. The most important thing that characterizes this phone is its big HD screen that makes it more like a tablet than a smartphone. The HTC’s famous Boom Sound speakers with Dolby technology are also available which makes HTC One E9 Plus convenient for watching movies and playing games. Its price is also good. And you can search for the price of HTC One E9 Plus in Egypt through Yaoota’s shopping search engine.

HTC One E9 Plus Pros

  1. The big QHD 5.5 inches screen is the most significant characteristic about the phone.
  2. The Dolby technology and the Boom Sound speakers with the QHD screen, all of this makes the device a very convenient multimedia device, and you can watch movies and enjoy playing games on it as well.
  3. The battery is powerful, will last a whole day.
  4. The front-facing camera is 13 MP with Ultra Pixel technology.
  5. The rear camera can record 4k videos.

HTC One E9 Plus Cons

  1. The viewing angle is not superb. If you are watching with somebody beside you, they won’t view the display very well.
  2. There is no optical stabilizer in the rear camera.
  3. The infrared technology is not available which could have enabled you to use the phone to remote control devices like television, etc.
  4. The phone is a bit long.
  5. The secondary SIM card slot supports only 3G and not 4G connection. You can switch the SIM cards manually, as the primary SIM card slot supports both 3G and 4G.
  6. The already installed video player does not support subtitle display. This means that you will need to download an application to run videos and movies that will enable you to display the accompanied translation of whatever you are watching.
  7. There is no equalizer to control audio files.
  8. The front-facing camera does not support auto focus.

HTC One E9 Plus price in Egypt

The price of HTC One E9 Plus starts at 3999 EGP.

You can search for the price of HTC One E9 Plus in Egypt here.

*Prices may vary from time to time according to the stores offering the product.

HTC One E9 Plus Review

Design and other features

  • HTC One E9 Plus is Dual-SIM with Nano-SIM cards. The design is nice but the rear camera takes a big space.
  • The front side is lined with chrome while the back side is made of matte plastic of very good quality which is fair for the price.
  • The back side is of smooth texture and you won’t notice any fingerprints on it.
  • It supports 3G and 4G connection for one slot, but the secondary slot supports only 3G connection. Anyway, you can switch the SIM cards manually.
  • NFC technology.
  • Boom Sound speakers with Dolby technology for more fun for music lovers.
  • Noise-cancelling microphone.


  • HTC One E9 Plus is 5.5 inches of quality 1440 × 2560 pixels of density 534 ppi.
  • The screen is protected with Corning Gorilla glass 4.
  • The screen is of incredibly high quality. The colors are clear and the white color is well-balanced. The colors are easy on the eyes.
  • The display is good under direct sunlight.
  • The viewing angle is not perfect but it is still good and acceptable.



  • Octa-core processor 2 GHz and 3 GB RAM.
  • 32 GB internal memory that can be expanded with an external storage for up to 128 GB.
  • The phone runs with an operating system Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  • The processor is powerful and with the big RAM size you will experience a smooth performance and will easily deal with all the tasks and games.


Rear camera

  • The rear camera is of quality 20 MP with LED flash.
  • It comes with features like face detection, Geo-tagging, panorama mode and HDR mode.
  • It can record video of quality 2460p@30fps.
  • The quality of the pictures is good, the colors are accurate and the pictures are of clear details.
  • Some blurriness may appear outside the focus range in the picture corners.

Front-facing camera

  • 13 MP, surely, this quality gives you very good selfies and clear video calls that will satisfy you.
  • It records 1080p videos@30fps.
  • With Ultra Pixel technology.
  • It does not support auto focus.


  • The battery is powerful 2800 mAh.
  • The battery life of HTC One E9 Plus can last for 2 days with average use.
  • It can last for a day with heavy use including internet browsing and making calls.
  • The battery saver mode is available with 2 levels. Level one allows the user to decrease the brightness, turn off the vibration and data connection. While level two is more advanced which shuts down more tasks.
  • Although the battery survives under heave usage for a whole day, it will last only 6.5 hours if you are watching videos.

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