HTC 10 Review: Specs, Pros and Cons

Pros, Cons, Best Price and Review of HTC 10

By: Mohamed Abd El-Rahman and Mona Awad

HTC has found its place as one of the largest companies in the Egyptian smartphone market. It has achieved a notable success among the high-cost mobile phones.

In this article, we will review the HTC 10 from all perspectives: specifications, pros, cons and user experience. If you like the mobile phone, you will find its best price. Feel free to order it online via Yaoota and have it delivered to you in no time.

*Prices listed in this article are the ones provided at the time of its publication, and are subject to change according to the supply and demand of the market.


Screen Processor RAM Camera Storage Capacity Battery Android
5.2″ Quad-core 4 GB 12 MP 32/64 GB 3000 mAh Marshmallow

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HTC 10 Review


The phone’s is made out of metal and glass and its side is metal. On the right side, you will find the power and two volume-control buttons and the SIM card slot, while the memory card slot is located on the left side.

The handset and the charging port are on the bottom of the device, while the earphone slot is on the top. Regarding the front side of the device, you will find the front camera, while the rear camera that’s equipped with LED flash is on the back. The fingerprint scanner is on the phone’s screen itself. 


  • Phone body is made of elegant metal.
  • The phone is equipped with an extra noise-cancellation microphone and LED notification light.


  • The phone is a little bit heavy in weight (161 gm).
  • The mobile phone is water- and dust-resistant, but only barely.

User Experience

  • Despite the mobile being metallic, its design is not new or different from the old versions.
  • The mobile design is characterized by a slight curve to its sides to easily handle and control it using one hand, especially that its back is very smooth and can fall slip from the user’s hand due to its heavy weight too.
  • It is easy to mute the voice of the mobile handset by hand when playing different games due to its presence in the lower side of the mobile.
  • The mobile is water- and dust-resistant, so it is okay if it slides from you into water, for instance, and you can use it in the swimming pool.
  • The on/off button is distinctly and prominently designed as well as easily accessible at the first try, even if it is in your pocket.



  • Suitable screen size (5.2 inches) with HD resolution (1440 x 2560) and 565 ppi. 
  • The screen is equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection layer.


  • None.

User Experience

  • Suitable screen size. The removal of the black frame gives an impression that the screen is even bigger than its actual size. 
  • The navigation buttons are outside the screen and are characterized by their brightness so that you can tell them apart. That also assists the impression that the screen is bigger.
  • The fingerprint scanner’s is located in its usual place and its performance is acceptable. You can secure some of your programs through your fingerprint and not only secure the mobile in terms of locking and unlocking.
  • In general, the screen’s colors are a little sharp.



  • The mobile comes with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, Adreno 530 graphics card, and 4 GB RAM.
  • 32 or 64 GB internal memory with the option of adding an external memory up to 256 GB.
  • The device supports 4G network calling, Gyroscope technology and NFC.


  • The phone doesn’t support FM Radio.
  • You can’t use both SIM cards and the external memory at the same time.

User Experience

  • The phone’s performance is very good for light and moderate tasks from surfing the internet to opening several apps/programs simultaneously.
  • If you have the desire to display heavy games or games with sophisticated graphics, you will notice that the phone’s performance is good, but there will be some heating up in the metal body of the device.
  • You can open and close the screen with two clicks and pull on the screen twice to open it, but sometimes it may lag or not respond.
  • Despite HTC being characterized by its high quality of mobiles’ sound, this time, the sound is just acceptable and not as high as most other models.
  • The mobile is provided with a special feature “Boost+” that offers a quick way to delete cookies, app installation files, ad tokens and temporary files very easily.



  • 12-megapixel rear camera with a LED flash, laser focus and wide aperture lens of f/1.8. It has the ability to shoot videos with 4K resolution.
  • Rear and front cameras are equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).


  • A 5-megapixel front camera that does not have a flash.

User Experience

  • The overall performance of the camera is not the best or the strongest, although the mobile is featured with distinctive aperture lens. It works efficiently in high light, but in dim light, its efficiency decreases and you can notice clear noise in the pictures.
  • You can use the camera very smoothly and distinctively and you can easily connect to all camera modes.
  • The video recording isn’t the best.
  • The 5-megapixel front camera can take good pictures thanks to the Optical Image Stabilization technology (OIS), but unfortunately it doesn’t have a flash.



  • A 3000 mAh high battery capacity.
  • The battery supports fast-charging feature and is equipped with a quick-charging USB Type-C port.


  • You cannot replace it on your own; you will need to visit the service center.

User Experience

  • Battery’s performance is not the best and strongest among other competitors, as it will not last a full day of hard use.
  • It takes less than an hour and a half to be fully charged.

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