HP Envy Laptop Full Review

By: Mohamed Hamdy & Heidi Soliman

When we consider buying a laptop, we usually look for one with good features, a sleek design, fast processing and high efficiency, and besides all that it needs to fit our desired budget.

Yaoota’s users think HP Envy has all these features with a reasonable price, as it’s one of our top laptops for the past year. But, of course, like any product, it has some drawbacks, so we decided to give you a full review, with pros, cons, specs, features, prices and user experiences. We hope our review would ease up your purchasing decision; you can even check out which online outlet sells the laptop within your desired budget. And when you pick the one suitable for your budget, click the link on Yaoota and place your order online, and your order will arrive to your doorstep. 

*Prices listed in the article are the ones provided at the time of its publication, and are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.






Hard Disk Capacity



 Full HD

 Windows 8


 38.4 x 25.5 x 2.29 cm

 2 TB

 8 GB

 AMD A10


  • The laptop already comes with Windows 8, and users won’t need to buy the software separately.
  • The 2 terabyte hard disk capacity is enough for saving a lot of data, such as files, movies, TV shows, etc., and users won’t need to buy an external hard drive for more space capacity except in rare cases.
  • The laptop design is unique; it’s suitable for users who prefer sleek designs and want a product that stands out.
  • The full HD screen makes videos and pictures look sharp.
  • The laptop’s dimensions give it a compact appearance and make it easy to carry around.
  • The laptop is highly efficient due to the number of RAM GB and the processor.
  • The sound of the speakers is loud and clear.


  • The installed software is Windows 8, but NOT the latest version of Windows (Windows 10) even though the laptop is capable of handling the latest version.
  • Users have to be careful with the laptop, as it could easily get dirty due to its silver color.
  • The laptop’s dimensions make it uncomfortable for typing for long hours, due to how the keyboard is designed, which doesn’t give much room for the hands while typing.
  • The laptop heats up a bit when users use it for long hours, but it doesn’t overheat.
  • The battery doesn’t last for as long as expected.     

User Experience:

  • Due to the large number of laptops manufactured yearly, some of us might feel that most laptops are similar, but this isn’t the case with the HP Envy. The HP Envy has a unique design from the way it’s opened to its finishing.
  • As for the features, the laptop has many good ones for its price. We can say it’s value for money, and users get what they pay for.
  • One of the drawbacks noticed when using the laptop is that it isn’t comfortable for the hands when typing for long hours, so the laptop is not the best choice for users who use the laptop for writing. Another drawback is that the laptop heats up after long hours of usage. But this heating up isn’t permanent and doesn’t cause a big problem on the long run.
  • What the laptop manufacturers have missed with this laptop is not equipping it with a strong battery that lasts up for many hours. The battery falls to meet users’ expectations considering its price, especially that the laptop has so many good qualities.
  • Many users thought the laptop has a very unique sleek design, with an adequate battery in comparison to the functions it delivers, but when using the laptop for long hours, the user felt that the laptop can be a little slow, especially when using more than one program at the same time. This slowing down or delay doesn’t last except for a few seconds; afterwards, the user will be able to resume normally.
  • Many users liked the laptop’s sound. However, they don’t recommend using the laptop in playing video games, especially those of high quality, as the laptop won’t operate these games well.

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