How to prepare for a Ramadhan feast?

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Ramadhan is a perfect opportunity to do good for your family and beloved ones and one of the greatest deeds is bringing joy into the hearts of your family members with a delicious iftar. So, through this article Yaoota would help you with all the tiny and overwhelming details in easy steps with a timeline to help you with all the preparations. So let’s start.

Two weeks before

  1. Decide on the number of people invited taking into consideration your resources and capabilities (how much room you have, how many chairs, your budget, etc).
  2. Start calling the invitees and set a suitable date.
  3. Make sure that every one of the invitees knows how to get to your place easily and know the exact date and time to show up.
  4. Start planning the menu (soups- appetizers- entrees- desserts- juices). Be considerate to those with allergies and those who are vegans or vegetarians.
  5. Decide on which you will make any special decorations for the feast.
  6. Make sure the tables’ cloths and furniture accessories are clean and ready to use.

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One week before

  1. Deep clean your house and finish all the heavy cleaning tasks.
  2. Check whether you have enough plates that are adequate and clean.
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  4. Keep your house clean till the date of the iftar by cleaning it regularly every day
  5. Compose a shopping list for vegetables, fruits, meat, beverage…etc.

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  1. Don’t forget to get wipes, napkins and toothpicks.
  2. Also don’t forget to buy some air freshener and or incense.
  3. Make sure you have enough dates for iftar for everyone.
  4. If your dining table won’t fit everyone make sure you have an extra seating arrangement and another table or bar to put the dishes and the pots on.
  5. Clean your house for one last time and arrange the seats according to the invitees and decide on everyone’s seat.
  6. Have a cooking schedule because be realistic, you won’t be able to cook everything on the same day. So start cooking one week before.
  7. Have a nutritious menu and make sure that the dishes are complimentary to each other. For example if you decide to have roasted chicken and rice then you will definitely need to add some veggies and sauce.
  8. Get some nuts or crackers to share with your guests while watching TV.
  9. If one of your guests asks you about a nice present to get for you, be honest and let them bring whatever you would need instead of ending up with tons of Konafa bil manga.

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Three days before

  1. Make sure your toilets are clean and remove any personal items you wouldn’t want your guests to see.
  2. Prepare a spot for prayer.
  3. Prepare slippers for guests to use when using the toilets and doing wudu’.
  4. Make sure you have enough liquid soap.
  5. Also make sure you have enough towels.

One day before

  1. Make sure your house is clean for the last time and furnish the tables with their cloths.
  2. Tidy up the reception area and make sure it is comfortable enough for your guests right upon arrival.
  3. Prepare a spot for people to leave their bags or any personal items.
  4. Prepare a hidden spot for mothers to breastfeed their kids.
  5. If there are a lot of kids, prepare a spot for them to eat together and play.
  6. Prepare the living room for your guests to have a drink after iftar.
  7. If you are having meals as difficult as dolma, feel free to get it delivered or even buy the half cooked meals to save your time.
  8. Long story short, have everything ready by now in order to have enough time to prepare the meals on the day of the feast.

The big day

  1. Make sure to have all your meals ready and hot upon service.
  2. Prepare any drinks or juices and have them chilled in the fridge.
  3. Make sure you have enough cold water in your fridge.
  4. Make sure all the silverware and tableware are clean and shiny.
  5. Prepare the salads.
  6. Have your family members help you set the table and prepare the meals.
  7. Follow the cooking schedule you already have and by that you will be ready by iftar time.
  8. After getting done with preparation, have some time for yourself to cool down, have a shower, prepare what you will wear , get dressed and meet your guests with a warm smile.

If you think we missed anything, let us know.

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