How to ensure your right during online shopping


It is well known that people don’t easily trust online shopping. Fear and worry is always a huge part of thinking about shopping online, even though you might like the product, as it has the perfect price and features online, even better than in the physical stores. In Yaoota, we don’t push you to throw your money without guarantees. We will tell you even how to deal with stores who might trick you. Read this article and judge for yourself, and if we convince you then start your online shopping experience.

What do you fear?

  • You fear that your Credit card information will be stolen, and your money will be taken.
  • The product is intangible so you can’t trust it. How can you feel secure?
  • What if you receive the product, and it’s defected, or not matching the features that you expected?

Why should you trust online stores?

  • Some of these stores have been serving people for years, they have a decent reputation, good customer service, and employees; if they were not operating well or serving bad quality products, how will they last that long?
  • If these online stores are a failure and they loose money, why do we find more online stores opening every day? Definitely they’re not planning to loose their money….
  • Cash on delivery is a way to guarantee receiving the product you selected, with the features you want; because you can refuse to receive the product, if it doesn’t match the features, you saw online. If this happened then you’re not mistaken because they didn’t deliver what they promised.
  • Cash on delivery also is a good option for you if you fear that your Visa/ credit card information might be stolen.
  • Yaoota provides you with the best quality products from trusted stores and brands that are well selected. We even randomly try different online stores to try different products ourselves, to make sure that you get the best experience; because your happiness and satisfaction are our main goal.

How to ensure your right?

  • You should check if the store has a local guarantee, exchange and return policy and after sales service, to get the best experience.
  • If you received a product, and after a couple of days it is not working or doesn’t have the features listed online, call the customer service, or send an email to the company/store to explain the problem clearly; stores take these complains seriously, because their job is to provide you with the best experience. But, what if there’s no proper after sales service, and you called the store and they didn’t care, then complain to the Egyptian consumer protection agency.

The consumer protection agency investigates complains about  online stores and normal stores, and these stores are usually given very strong penalties. The penalties vary from thousands of Egyptian Pounds to being jailed in case of commercial fraud, or any brand imitation.

  • Send an email to company/store customer service, call them, and try to find a solution together. If all of this was in vain, go for social media. Post your problem/complain and you will find all your friends, and even other users, sharing your problem. Some will even share their similar problems with you, and how they dealt with it. If the store did a mistake, mention the stores name in the post. Many companies and stores fear the bad word of mouth as it can ruin their reputation, especially on social media, where there are millions of users.

Buy online and be fearless. If the product is as you expected, then it’s a good experience. If you faced a problem, now you know how to deal with it. Don’t let anything stop you from keeping up with the new lifestyle. Technology is here to make your life easier, so enjoy it.

Don’t forget to check the product well, before paying for it, or taking it. Find a trustworthy store, and enjoy your first online shopping experience. And remember Yaoota always selects the best online stores for you.

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