How to Choose Your Microwave?


By: Safaa Magdy & Magy Ghaly

The microwave is the genius appliance that saves us and solves the problem of what to eat quickly and easily and in a matter of minutes. Want to buy a microwave? Yaoota is offering you some easy tips on how to buy the suitable microwave for your needs. If you want to save time, you can shop online and have your order delivered to your doorstep.

*Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article was published, and they are subject to change according to the market flow. 

How did the microwave start?

It all started with “Percy Spencer” – the scientist who worked at a company developing radar technology after World war II ; he was standing in the field of the radio waves they use in their industry, when a bar of chocolate melted in his pocket and Spencer doubted that these waves were the reason, so he tried once again but with popcorn. He got some popcorn and placed them in the same place he was standing when the chocolate melted, and he found out that the popcorn started popping!

Although Spencer didn’t take it seriously at the time, he started analyzing the situation and from then on, microwaves became a kitchen essential for every home.

Benefits of the microwave:

Microwaves may not be considered a prominent home appliance in Egypt, especially in our parents’ houses, but Yaoota has more than a few convincing reasons to get you to buy a microwave:

  • If you’re living alone, and if you are constantly busy or you don’t know what to cook or what to eat and are tired of ordering food or frozen meals, then you need a microwave to heat frozen food or maybe the leftovers you have in your fridge.
  • The microwave is also perfect for heating bread; and it will not burn the bread or dry it out.
  • The microwave is very essential for defrosting meat or any frozen food that you need defrosted fast. For example, if you forgot to get the meat out of the freezer the night before, you can defrost it in the microwave in minutes and you will have your dinner ready in minutes.
  • The microwave doesn’t burn out the popcorn and you will get it all hot and perfectly popped.
  • The microwave saves up space, instead of using all the burners in heating the pots.
  • The microwave saves hours of time especially if you are heating your breakfast to grab it on the go for work.
  • The microwave also saves electricity as it reaches the required temperature quickly, unlike the cooker or the oven that take a lot of time and energy until they reach the desired temperature.

What if you do not have a microwave and need to buy a new one? How are you going to choose? How would you know which one is good for your kitchen?

Consider the factors that will help you choose the suitable microwave: 


The budget:

  • The first thing you need to know is surely the budget. The microwave is one of the appliances that are available in a wide price range; from the very expensive to the cheap.
  • The price of a microwave depends on the electricity consumption and its features in general. The more the features, the more expensive it gets.
  • Let’s agree that some features are of no significant importance except in special cases.

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Space availability:

  • The second thing you will need to think about is the capacity of the microwave; would you place it in the kitchen or in any other place? Do you have a place for the microwave on your countertop or will have to buy a special table for it?
  • Make sure to measure the dimensions of the available space.
  • You must also consider the power outlet; do you have one near the place you want to place the microwave? Or will you need electricity joint?

Microwave capacity:


  • Capacities range from 17 to 34 liters.
  • If you are buying the microwave for family use, then a 27-liter microwave would be your best option.

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Power consumption:


  • The higher the WATT power of the microwave is, the faster and the more efficient the appliance is.
  • The bigger the capacity of the microwave is, the more WATT power it has.

Larger capacity =˃ Higher WATT power =˃ faster performance =˃ higher price.

  • The microwave usually uses from 600 to 1200 WATT.
  • Yaoota advises you to buy a microwave of a 700 to 1000 WATT power.

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Cooking programs:

Microwaves do not only heat food, but they can also cook meals and get them ready in minutes. Buy a microwave that has cooking and preheat programming.

  • The programs can be something like the pizza heating button or the baking button.
  • You will find cooking, heating, and defrosting programs for poultry, meat and fish. The more programs, the better the microwave is, because you can save time and energy to heat your protein as well.

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How does the microwave work?


  • To choose the suitable microwave, you need to know how it works.
  • “Microwave” is an English word. This appliance works with short radio waves that are emitted to penetrate the plate whether it is plastic or glass (unlike metal which reflects it, and that’s why you should never use metals in a microwave).These waves move the particles of the food and that movement produces heat energy that heats the food.
  • Since its inception, the functions of the microwaves have changed and evolved. Microwave appliances combine micro waves with convection heating, which heats the air surrounding the food until the food heats up.

Types of Microwaves:

Standard microwave: It reheats, defrosts, and emits micro waves.

Combination microwave:  it combines microwave energy, convection and steam.

Microwave oven: this type combines all the features of a standard microwave with convection heating, steaming and grilling.

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Features of the microwave:


  • Look inside the microwave you are intending to buy, check that the glass tray that you put food on rotates.
  • There are two ways of moving: rotating, vertical and horizontal movement, which is very important for the food to be equally heated.
  • There is now a sensor (a new feature) that determines whether the food is well-done and well cooked or not, and that depends on the amount of steam inside the microwave.
  • There are also some microwaves that work based on the weight of food being heated/cooked, meaning that if you are heating chicken, you will just choose the weight of the chicken and the microwave will decide the suitable time.

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Now that we have covered all the basic features to help you choose a microwave, you will find different shapes and colors that go with the design of your kitchen.

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Tips for using a microwave safely:

  • Never use anything metal inside the microwave! As the waves will reflect and therefore can be dangerous for the appliance and whoever is using it.
  • Use only microwave-safe plates and tools.
  • Never cover the food you are heating, and if you cover it, try to use something perforated to allow the steam to escape.
  • If you are heating liquids, put it in a big deep container to avoid splattering.
  • If you are heating a large amount of food, take it out (half- time), stir it and then put it back.
  • Consider one thing ( I myself fall for it), which is that the plate can still be cold because the micro waves penetrate it, but never be fooled! The food in the plate can be over-heated so you need to take care.
  • How to clean the microwave: clean the microwave regularly from the inside and out and you can do that with a regular cleaner but never spray the appliance directly, instead spray a towel first.
  • If you have children: place the microwave away from children as much as you can. You can buy an appliance that uses a password that the microwave will not work without.
  • Check out microwaves with child lock here, prices start at 2200 EGP.
  • Tip: If you do not want the food to dry out from heating, you need to make sure you are putting food under suitable temperature, without overheating the food. Secondly, you can cover it or wrap it in a microwave-safe bag.


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