How to Add your Online Store to Yaoota?


By Mohamed Adnan & Translation by Magy Ghaly

Yaoota is a search engine for online shopping that is fast, precise and easy to use, with over 100 online stores and thousands of daily users. So if you have an online store and want to increase your sales and customers, then come and join us. So how can an online store join Yaoota; so that their products are included in the search engine?

This article offers the basic steps and conditions to join Yaoota.

What’s required in your online store so that you can join

  • You have to have a company and a website, precisely doing e-commerce; meaning that the client can: purchase from your website while he’s at home, have the product delivered to him and pay through a credit card or cash on-delivery.
  • If the products available on your website are genuine and not copied  (not even a high copy).
  • If you’re not a website selling real estate or cars or services in general.

If you have these requirements, then welcome to Yaoota’s community.

The steps to join:

  • E-mail: The first step is that you send us an e-mail at, saying that you would like to join our team and please include a link to your website.
  • Meeting: In two working days, at most, we’ll contact you to set a meeting to introduce you to Yaoota’s search engine and the services that we offer, and also so that you can let us know more about the nature of your website or electronic store.
  • Agreement and conditions: If everything is good regarding the conditions mentioned before and we reach an agreement, we start adding the products of your website on right away.
  • Time needed to include the products:  It takes almost 2 to 3 working weeks before your products are included in our search engine, as we check the products, ensure the validity of the data and the prices of every product to guarantee the best quality for our customers. All of this is done automatically, without any effort from you.

The competitiveness between stores:

Now that you have your products on our search engine, all that’s left is the customers decision to buy your products which is determined by the following aspects:

  1. The prices of your products and its competitiveness with the rest of the stores.
  2. The quick interaction with the shoppers in delivering their orders in the shortest time possible, and of course the quality of the after sales services.

So we are providing the service of searching and comparing, and you are providing the products; by this we’ve fulfilled the tripartite that documents our contract, which is (Search, Compare, and Buy).


Uncle Yaoota

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