5 Home Accessories for a Unique Home Décor

By: Shoruq El-Meligy

Your home décor not only reflects your personality and your unique taste, but also significantly affects your mood; a new vibrant setting with the right colors and design can lift your spirits, while a boring environment can make you feel demotivated. Sometimes, minor changes or additions around the house can make a huge difference; your surroundings will be more aesthetically pleasing while also showing your creative side and adding your personal touch to every room.

If you’re redecorating, moving to a new house or would simply like to bring out the beauty of the rooms in your house with a few nice additions, then keep on reading, because in this article, Yaoota will present you with the best and most unique home accessories for a modern home décor, and If you like any of the products listed in the article, you can order it online through Yaoota and it will be delivered to you in no time.

*Prices listed in this article are the ones provided at the time of its publication, and are subject to change according to the supply and demand of the market.

(1) Mirrors

Mirrors not only help spread natural light round the room, making it brighter; they also create the impression of a visually more spacious area. With the right mirror, you can transform your home décor no matter what style you’re going for.

Check out various styles of mirrors here.

Glass & Wood Frame Mirrors

It will give any room a unique and contemporary feel. It consists of several mirrors attached together, providing an entirely different look of your interior design than traditional mirrors. It’s much more than just a reflecting object!

Check out Glass & Wood Frame Mirror here.

Epoca Mirrors

If you’re looking for something more edgy, then you’ve come to the right place! This “Epoca’ mirror is a statement-making piece on any wall. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

Check out Epoca Mirror here.

Modern Round Mirrors

This modern round mirror with gold and brown shades will give a sophisticated yet contemporary style to your home. This multifunctional mirror not only serves as a reflective surface, but also as an elegant empty frame wall décor. It comes in a variety of colors, so choose the one to your suiting. It’s a nice and simple way to fill a blank wall.

Check out Modern Round Mirror here.

(2) Wall Art

Much like mirrors, wall art can make any room look more vibrant and give it personality.

This set of intricate paintings in blue of different geometrical figures is sure to make any room look more interesting. The set consists of 6 hand-drawn paintings in black wooden frames. You can also request to adjust the colors if you’d like to make any modification.

Check out 6-piece Set of Hand-drawn Paintings here.

Modern Canvas Tableau from Kazafakra

If you’d like to go for something more colorful, check out this modern canvas tableau from Kazafakra. It goes well with simple and plain furniture.

Check out more modern canvases from Kazafakra here.

(3) Candle Holders

Candle holders are a great way to decorate your home or office. Additionally, candles can be a great way for infusing nice scents into your home.

Check out a variety of candle holders here.

Zanetto Doppio Vortice Candlestick

Decorate your home with this unique silver-plated candle holder made from 68 welds and handmade in Italy. It will make a great addition to your living room, as it’s both sophisticated and modern!

Check out Zanetto Doppio Vortice Candlestick here.

Pinnacle Spaces Candle Holder

Another impressive design is this straight candle holder with 5 holders made of stainless steel. It’s elegant and classy, and can be used as a centerpiece for dinning table decoration in combination with flowers, or for coffee table decoration.

Check out Pinnacle Spaces Candle Holder here.

Sheffield Silver-plated Candle Holder

Check out Sheffield Silver-plated Candle Holder here.

(4) Vases

A great way to liven up your décor is by adding vases, whether they’re tall vases, flower vases, crystal vases or floor vases, and they also vary in material, such as ceramic, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and more.

You can find the right vase that suits both your needs and preferred contemporary style among the big selection of vases offered on Yaoota.

Check out more vases here.

Handmade Blue Vase Set

This stunning handmade set consisting of 3 large fluorescent blue vases will instantly light up any room with its vibrant color.

Check Handmade Blue Vase Set here

(5) Modern Carpets

Modern carpets are typically simple with solid colors or simple patterns.

In addition to its fresh design with modern colors, this modern carpet from Prado Rugs is sturdy and soft to the touch. It also dries fast and doesn’t stain easily or lose its color. It goes well with simple plain and light-colored furniture.

Check out Modern Rug from Prado Rugs here.

Tips on Room Colors

  • Purple in its darker shades is luxurious and sophisticated, while lighter shades like lavender can have a calming effect.
  • Orange makes you excited and energized — not recommended for bedrooms or living rooms.
  • Blue makes you calm and relaxed, recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms, but stay away from darker blues as the main color scheme, as they evoke feelings of sadness.
  • Yellow is the color of happiness; it is energizing and uplifting. Recommended for kitchens, bathrooms and dinning rooms.
  • Red is for energy and excitement as well as staying alert.
  • Green fits any room in the house; it is the right balance between coolness and warmth. It is the color of comfort and it brings people together.

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