HAMBURG Stand Mixer 5L – 1000 Watt Review

By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

The Hamburg mixer is known for its reasonable and very competitive prices compared to other products in the market. This kitchen appliance serves pastries, pies, pizzas and baked goods enthusiasts. The mixer is equipped with a large stainless steel mixing bowl of up to 5 liters and comes with a transparent lid with an opening for adding extra ingredients. The lid helps keep the place clean from flour dust during mixing. The mixer has 6 different speeds and 3 types of kneading accessories to serve all types of baking, kneading and whisking. The Hamburg mixer has a strong motor of 1000W power that can handle kneading of all types and large quantities of dough as well. The mixing bowl size helps accommodate the large quantities. Not just that, but the mixer’s elegant design and distinctive color adds to its highlighted features. 

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  • Model number: HSM-1000
  • Brand: Hamburg
  • Type: Stand mixer
  • Package weight: 5292 grams
  • Item EAN: 2725532108052
  • Warranty period: 2 years


  • The mixer has a great design with an outer body made of strong pink-colored plastic. And it has a thick base that keeps the stainless steel mixing bowl securely stable.
  • The 5 liter stainless steel mixing bowl accommodates all the ingredients you need for kneading and it gives you enough space to make large quantities of dough whether for mixing or kneading. The mixing bowl is easy to clean, hygienic and doesn’t make the dough stick.
  • Equipped with a transparent cover lid with an opening to help keep the place clean from the flour dust during mixing and through it you can monitor the dough form or add any extra ingredients if needed.
  • The mixer has a powerful motor of 1000W that withstands tough blends.
  • Multi-speed options, it comes with 6 different speeds, from which you choose the desired one based on the type of dough and texture, from the slowest to the fastest, in addition to the pulse speed for best performance.
  • The Hamburg mixer comes with 3 attachment accessories including: 2 paddles for soft/firm kneading. These are used for baked goods such as pizza, pies and so on. They have high durability for kneading and mixing dough. The mixer comes also with a large metal whisk used for whisking eggs, sugar, cake ingredients and whipping cream. The whisk is specially designed with the ability to let in the required air quantity for the dough during mixing.
  • It comes with a plastic knife attachment for separating and dividing the dough.
  • The appliance is quiet when in use. This is one of the very important features, because mixers that make loud noises or squeak from the beginning tend to become noisier with time.
  • High endurance and strong efficiency in mixing ingredients thanks to the metal gear system.
  • The design of the control switch is circular and gradual for easy use and it’s equipped with a LED light that lights up when the mixer is turned on.
  • The mixer is equipped with a non-slip rubber base to maintain stability while mixing or kneading.
  • It comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • It needs a large space for storage.
  • The average speed is not very powerful and you need to use higher speeds.

Customer Service

  • Contact numbers for customer service: 0236912248- 0236912249- 01100878140- 01141650000- 01145506681

User Experience

  • Users gave positive feedback and said that the price is very reasonable. They mentioned that the product isn’t manufactured in Germany, rather the components are Malaysian and they are assembled in Egypt. Also, the materials are of good quality and the color is distinctive. However, the power is weak at low speeds and needs to operate at high speeds. Users advise others to disconnect the mixer after every short period of operating to preserve the motor.


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