All you Need to Know: Kenwood Cooking Chef Kitchen Machine!


By shimaa Elgizy & translation By Magy Ghaly

Who among us can live without the kitchen machine? This machine has become of the essentials of any modern kitchen for the time it saves and the professionalism it provides. The kitchen machine is world in its own, full of details and tools that may sometimes be forgotten. That’s why we’re offering you today all the possible information about your cooking assistant, in addition to the pros and cons of the Cooking Chef kitchen machine by Kenwood. We will also discuss every one of its tools and attachments. We’re offering you the know-how of mastering the kitchen machine, mastering your kitchen!

Kenwood is on the top

We’ll start off with the most popular and valuable kitchen machine of all, produced by Kenwood, a deep-rooted company in making house ware and kitchen tools.

Kenwood is not only the first in producing kitchen appliance, but it also patented many appliances that we’ll discuss in details. As for kitchen machines, Kenwood is a pioneer with its jewel: the Cooking Chef.

Check out all Kenwood kitchen machines here. Prices start at 2910 EGP.

Pros of the Cooking Chef KM086, KM070

  • The machine is made of Die cast titanium, and the bowl is made of stainless steel.
  • The tools are made of stainless steel.
  • It’s got a motor power of 1500W.
  • The machine’s speed varies with pulses, in addition to 3 stirring speeds.
  • The bowl’s total capacity is 7 liters, and 3 liters of cooking capacity.
  • The attached tools are dishwasher safe.
  • There are safety-related tools like: bowl safety interlock and splashguard.
  • LCD display to know the speed setting and power during cooking.
  •        More than 35 attachments come with the machine
  • There are three settings specially for cooking as it works on cooking food ranging from 20˚ to 140˚.

Cons of the Cooking Chef KM086, KM070

  • The machine is heavy; it weights almost 6 kgs which makes it hard to move.
  • The Cooking Chef enables you to mix, stir and cook together but you can’t do anything else with the attachments during cooking.
  • The motor power of cooking doesn’t exceed 1100W.

Price of the Cooking Chef KM086, KM070

The price of the Cooking Chef KM086, KM070 starts at 7999 EGP with warranty.

It’s available at Yaoota’s shopping engine under the name of Kenwood kitchen machine KM 070.

*Prices may vary from time to time according to the stores offering the product.

Experience is the best teacher!

We can’t put our hands on the Cooking Chef kitchen machine and not try it. So, we brought you the experience of someone who’s already tried it. The power of the machine makes you feel like you’ve found a treasure! But proper use is what really counts, in accordance to your kitchen needs.


Zucchini soup with mint recipe

My passion for cooking made me fall for the pleasure of cooking with Cooking Chef. You can make all kinds of soup. Here is how I made a new recipe of zucchini soup with mint: I chopped the zucchini using the food cutter attached with the machine. Then I put the zucchini with the broth cube in the machine’s bowl and turned on the induction cooking. After a few minutes I poured some cooking cream, then I switched to pulsing mode and I finally poured the soap out and decorated it with a few mint leaves. With very little time and effort, total professionalism!

I also tried making ice-cream with the attachment of frozen dessert maker. You won’t need experience; all you need is fresh fruit and ice! And that’s what impressed me; it transforms your raw materials into final products in an amazingly short time!

If you are a pasta lover, then Cooking Chef will make you a professional Italian dish. The pasta maker attachment is fully-equipped and easy to use.

I could have found all of these features in any other kitchen machine, but this impressive feature is what helped me make lots of recipes. 

Cooking Chef KM086, KM070 review

Size, shape and safety

  • Choosing titanium for the outer chassis was a very convenient choice for the new task of the kitchen machine (cooking), for it protects the machine and its users.
  • Kenwood also paid attention to safety by providing a heat shield, safety interlock and splashguard, which suits the cooking mission.
  • The outer look is very convenient for different uses.
  • The size and heavy weight of the Cooking Chef make it somewhat immobile. You can’t say it’s got the mobility feature or use it anywhere, it needs a master kitchen!
  • The bowl and the blender are provided with a plastic base for protection.
  • The upper half of the machine has two outlets for the blender and the food processor. Also, the front part has an outlet for the pasta maker machine. This way makes it easier to use the machine and maintain its outer look.
  • The bowl’s total capacity is 7 liters but takes only 3 liters cooking capacity. The reason behind this is its thickness to protect the user against heat. The bowl is designed to bear heat at the bottom but stay cool at the sides.
  • There is a safety system called “safety sensor message”. On displaying the error message”E:01” on the screen, you’ll have to return the machine to its right position, turn the speed control to ‘0’ and start again. This system is to protect both the machine and the user.
  • The tools and the attachments of the Cooking Chef are made of stainless steel, washable it the old-school way or in a dish-washer.

Watch some introduction videos to the Cooking Chef kitchen machine.



  • The electronic control of speed supports the used tools and helps the user get the job done well.
  • The cooking feature is of the most important feature distinguishing the Cooking Chef, a perfectly-done feature that boosts the machine’s performance.
  • The ease of use of the machine is one of the crucial features that fascinates whoever deals with it.
  • The bowl’s capacity of dough is 6kgs which means that preparing dough or cooking won’t take the time and effort it usually requires.


  • The machine’s got a number of remarkable and modern attachments like: the pasta maker, dough hook, and frozen dessert maker.
  • Using the attachments is easy and simple. Also, the outlets where you put them are visible and provided with safety interlocks.
  • Other attachments: the juice extractor and smoothie maker, in addition to citrus press (orange, lemon, etc).

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