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By Noha Nasrt & translation by Dina Amir

Some times we tend to get stuck whenever we need to find the perfect gift for special occasions, such as: weddings, birthdays, or having to visit someone sick. We keep wondering about what to get, the budget, and if they will like it or not and so on. In an attempt to help you out, Yaoota presents you gifts ideas for the most common occasions. You can know the price of each gift, from where to get it, and you can also buy it online now.

If you’re getting the gift for someone close to you, we think its better that you ask them about what they need, or prefer, as sometimes the best gifts are the most needed ones.

1.Gifts for newly married couples

The home is the most nagging concern for most newly married couples after their wedding because they’ve exerted lots of money and effort to furnish and decorate; but still most of the time they still need some extras; so getting them a nice gift to decorate their home, would be very sincere and memorable. Yaoota wishes all the couples a happy marriage, and a happy life.

  • Wall tableau

It’s made of wood, with a printed photo on a fennel washable material.


Find tableau here for EGP 89

Find more wall tableaus here starting from EGP 39

  • Modern wall clock

It’s a modern elegant wall clock with flying butterflies to give a nice decorative touch to any wall.


Find this wall clock here for EGP 135

Find more wall clocks here starting from EGP 18

  • Wooden vase

Made of pottery and crafted with golden flowers.


Find this flowers vase here for EGP 250

Find a collection of crystal and porcelain vases here starting from EGP 80

  • Antiques

For classic style lovers, this Aladdin’s lamp will be a convenient gift, with its vintage copper color.


Find this lamp here for EGP 180

Find more antique and oriental pieces here starting from EGP 75

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2.Gifts for your beloved wife on her birthday or your anniversary

Of course forgetting your wife’s birthday or your anniversary will have unfavorable consequences; that’s why Yaoota will help you pick up a nice gift for your wife.

  • Gifts for your wife


Find this silver heart shaped necklace here for EGP 481

Find necklaces with different designs here starting from EGP 120

Find love bracelets here starting from EGP 350

Find love rings here for EGP 160


Find a silver earring with a blue crystal heart for EGP 220

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We are not just here to help men out, so we also brought you new ideas for your anniversary or your spouse’s birthday so you can pick the ones you love.

  • Gifts for your husband

Find this photo album to gather all your photos and memories together for EGP 206

Find 365 days of love calendar here for EGP 105


Find a leather wallet here for EGP 65

Find a Hugo Boss perfume here for EGP 450

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3. Baby shower gifts

A very special occasion for the parents, and it will be amazingly appreciated if you give them a nice gift for the newly born family member.

Find this baby carrier here for EGP 114


Find a baby sunsuit with socks here for EGP 298

Find a baby bouncer here for EGP 380

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4. Gifts for friends’ birthdays

A real friend is the most precious gift, so pick your best friend a nice gift and let them know how much you love them.

Find a happy birthday mug here for EGP 55

Find a flowers and chocolate bouquet here for EGP 180


Find a ceramic pot with love quotes for your plants here for EGP 180

5. Gifts for mothers’ day

One of the most precious occasions to our hearts is mother’s day and once March arrives, we start looking for a nice gift for our irreplaceable moms.

Find a necklace with mothers’ love words here for EGP 299 


Find a silver heart shaped necklace with mothers’ love words here for EGP 313

Find XOXO gold women watch here for EGP 315 

Find a burgundy beige handbag here for EGP 299

6.Gifts for children who newly enrolled in university

Crown your happiness and give children a motivation after a long school journey; a nice gift will help them achieve more in university, as well as making them happy. Yaoota suggests new tablets to pick the ones you want.

Lenovo idea tab A5500

  • Screen: 8 inches. It is affordable with a good performance.
  • Simple design. Battery survives for 8 hours, with Wi-Fi connection and internet surfing.
  • You can perform all your daily tasks, surf the internet, and use apps efficiently. But when it comes to games, a game like Epic Citatel gives 53 fps with a high quality.



  • The screen is not high definition, but it gives a good display and you can read clearly from the screen.
  • The Rear camera captures low-quality shots.
  • Advanced applications with YouTube, you will take a long time to load and display.

Find this Lenovo Idea Tab A5500 here starting from EGP 1225

Asus fonepad 7

  • 7 inches screen. Affordable price with very good features. Battery survives under heavy usage for 10 hours.
  • The design is user friendly. Sometimes there might be a delay in performance, if you are using more than one app, games, and surfing the internet at the same time.
  • You can make phone calls, and connect to the internet with dual sim connection.
  • The tablet is efficient for performing daily tasks, entertainment, and surfing the internet. Works well with advanced games like Asphalt 8.
  • You can watch 1080p videos perfectly, with high sound quality, as well as clear high quality picture.



  • The screen is not clear under the sun.
  • The rear camera is only 2 MP, which is very low.
  • The front camera is 0.3 MP for low-quality selfies and video calls.
  • Calls longer than 15 minutes are exhausting.

Find this Asus fonepad 7 here starting from EGP 777 

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7. Gifts for a family visit or visiting someone sick

There’s nothing better than flowers when you visit your family or someone sick as it adds up life and beauty to any space; take some flowers, and make them happy.


Find flower bouquet with different sizes here starting from EGP 150 

Find chocolate silver vase here for EGP 500 

Find chocolate box here for EGP 210 

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If you searching for any other gift, we are sure you will find it on

Yaoota wishes you happy occasions, full of laughter and unforgettable memories.

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