Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones from Yaoota

By: Dina Amir

The value of a gift is never determined by its price, bur rather by its sentimental value. You first need to know the interests of your beloved ones and then go hunting for the right gift. Watching them happy and smiling will make the time and effort you spent absolutely worthwhile. Yaoota presents you with some ideas to help you get the most suitable gift for your loved ones. 

“Items’ prices mentioned in this article are the ones stated by the stores when the article was published. These prices are subject to change according to the market forces.”

  1. Chocolate Lovers

These people sure do love their chocolate, especially since the weather is becoming colder. So a chocolate pot and some fruits will draw a big smile on their faces. 

Check this chocolate fondue machine,

staarting from EGP 175

Chocolate bouquet,

starting from EGP 250

A mini chocolate fountain, what could be better? Check it out here,

starting from EGP 379

2. Cozy People

These people love to stay warm wherever they are, but they do not like too many layers.

Check Pink and grey shawl,

starting from EGP 275

Multicolored knitted scarf,

starting from EGP 60

3. Makeup Lovers

December ladies do not go out without their makeup bag, even though they already rock a flawless eyeliner and a perfect lipstick. 

Check this makeup travel bag,

starting from EGP 160

Velvet touch lipstick,

starting from EGP 156

Check out this collection of eyeliners,

starting from EGP 20

4. Elegance Icons

These people like to look as if they came out of a fashion magazine. They give great attention to their outfits and are always up-to-date with the fashion scene. 

Check this black jacket for men,

starting from EGP 150

Check this black leather jacket for ladies,

starting from EGP 250

5. Organization Comes First

These people are organization maniacs; they cannot handle to stay in a messy place. Everything has to have a definite place.

Check this desk organizer,

starting from EGP 115

Bag organizer for women,

starting from EGP 53

6. Music Lovers

They like to enjoy nice music with a hot drink. They breathe the notes and enjoy the magic of the rhythm.

Check Omar Khairat modern woman collection,

starting from EGP 30

7. Book Worms

They can spend hours and hours reading a novel. A perfect day for them is when they go novel shopping and do not even regret the money spent.

Check Inferno novel,

starting from EGP 80

The Witch of Portobello,

starting from EGP 55

8. Beauty Queens

These ladies like to stay soft and perfumed all the time. They love to feel pampered. They spend a lot of their money on beauty and skin care products.

Check this milk and honey hand cream from Oriflamme,

starting from EGP 19

Miss Giordani perfumed body lotion Oriflamme,

starting from EGP 47

9. On-the-go People

They are always running from place to place and thus spend most of the time in their cars. Their cars are a huge part of their lives, so they need to take very good care of them. 

Check this care battery charger,

starting from EGP 295

For waterproof car covers, check here

10. Relaxation Lovers

These people work so hard all day long, but they know how to make time for some relaxation. They love to have a fresh tidy bed and a nice scented room to sleep in. They love modern décor and simple patterns.

Check this quilt cover and pillow here,

starting from EGP 475

Add an aromatic scent to your bedroom with this set of scented candles,

starting from EGP 39

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