Gas Leak Alarm Review


By Omnya Azmi & Heidi Soliman

Gas leak alarm device is one of the necessary devices and has been in great demand for its security and protection against gas leaks. Gas leaks are dangerous and can lead to suffocation or fire. Since gas is most relied on whether in the kitchen or bathroom. Gas leak detectors are considered important for homes, restaurants, factories,and companies to reassure human lives and minimize damage expenses. The device works by identifying the gas leakage as soon as it occurs and releases a very loud alarm for warning. Based on the alarm warnings, safety measures would need to be taken starting with ventilations, turning off the gas source, disconnecting the electricity, then followed by the rest of the measures needed. The gas leak problem will need to be treated or the gas company will have to be contacted to get the situation under control.

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  • One piece connected to an electrical connector
  • Suitable for installation in all places
  • Material: Plastic


  • The device is small in size, it’s a single connected piece and has highly-sensitive sensors for detecting gas leaks in the area, no matter how small the leak is, the device alerts the area so that the problem is fixed.
  • Warning, the device does not only detect gas leaks, but it also gives a very loud alarm and continues beeping until the issue is dealt with and the gas leakage has ended.
  • There’s a great benefit in continuous warning from the device, as some people may only turn off the gas burner thinking that this solves the problem completely. However, the gas that has already been leaked will remain in the room, that’s why the room will need to be ventilated, electricity needs to be disconnected and following other safety measures needs to take place. The alarm will continue to beep till the gas no longer exists in the room.
  • The device has a powerful sensor through the holes located in the front, through which the leaks are detected.
  • Easy to use, you can hang the device with screws from the back in the designated area and you can use the device anywhere whether in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • The device gets connected to a 220V electricity source using a long wire to provide freedom in movement.
  • The price is very reasonable for anyone who buys it for its importance and maintaining a safe atmosphere and precautions that preserve human lives and valuable properties.


  • The device’s sensors can be affected by cooking oils in the kitchen and reduce its efficiency.

User experience

  • It’s a very good device, with high sensitivity and a loud alarm. One time I was filling lighters with gas and I happened to be next to the device, then all of a sudden I found it beeping due to sensing the gas even though it was a simple controlled situation. The alarm will continue to beep till the gas has been completely emptied out of the place and no longer carries a hazard. This is part of the device’s safety advantages, as you will be certain there’s no longer a gas leak in the air once the beeping has stopped.

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