Fresh 14″ Stand Fan: Full Review

Pros, Cons and Best Price of Fresh 14 Stand Fan

By: Hoda Mohamed & Mona Awad

Many people don’t like ceiling fans, finding them unaesthetic. On the other hand, a stand fan won’t only go with your house’s style, but you can move it across rooms and even store it away in winter. 

Yaoota will provide you through this article with the specifications, pros, cons and after-sales services review for the popular 14″ Fresh Stand Fan. If you like this product, feel free to order it online via Yaoota and have it delivered right to your doorstep in no time. 

*Prices listed in this article are the ones provided at the time of its publication, and are subject to change according to the supply and demand of the market.


Model Stand Amr – 14 Inch/Remote/W
Material Plastic
Color White
Size 14 inches
Dimensions 52.5 x 22 x 53.5
Warranty 5 years


  • The remote control will enable you to use the on/off button without leaving your place.
  • You can control turning the fan on or off for a certain period of time through the 12-hour timer.
  • Its convenient size enables you to put it anywhere without cutting down on the space in your house.
  • The fan is equipped with Ionizer feature to achieve air refreshment and clean air from dust and bacteria.
  • The fan control panel shows a definition unit to measure room temperature.
  • The fan is equipped with a holder to install it on.
  • It won’t break thanks to its strong plastic material.
  • The fan will be sure to go with the decor of your home or office, as it comes in many colors.


  • Despite the fan’s high frequency, it won’t provide you with the best ventilation because of its small 14-inch size.
  • The fan’s price is more expensive than its competitors’.
  • The fan collects dust quickly, which means that you need to clean it often.

After-Sales Service

  • Warranty: Fresh provides you with a five-year warranty, which means that if the fan has any manufacturing defects or malfunctions during the warranty period, you can solve the problem without paying any charges.
  • Customer ServiceDistinctive customer service with quick response.
  • Spare Parts: You can buy spare parts from all sales outlets of Fresh Inc.

Check out the Fresh 14″ stand fan here.


Quick Comparison

You can find a lot of fans that offer better features than Fresh, such as Jac fan that’s characterized by its 20-inch size and power consumption estimated at 128 watts. You can check out Jac fan here.

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