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By Amany Samir & Esraa Osama             

We cannot deny our never-ending love for pastries and baked food. Actually, there are those who love to enjoy eating them, and others who love to make them with their own hands. Therefore, we have chosen a variety of ideas from the modern kitchen especially for you to facilitate the making of your favorite pastries and baked products of all kinds.

You can discover all of them while relaxing on your seat, comparing a product with another, knowing their features, and finally find their different prices and where they are available. That is in order for you to come up with the best choices that suit you.

Then, if you like any of these products, you can easily buy it through, and it will be delivered directly at your doors. As you know, it is Yaoota’s main concern to ensure your happiness and satisfaction.

*Prices listed in the article are the ones provided when the article has been published, and they are subject to change according to supply and demand of the market.

1- Kneading Board

It is the ideal way to get healthy food. You can form the dough on it and it will not stick due to the protrusions that the board has. It also ensures the distribution of heat evenly above and below the food without burning (as it is made of silicon), and that will enable you to put it inside the microwave. Finally, it can be easily cleaned up and stored as well.

Check out Kneading Boards here.

2- Kenwood Mixer

It is a mixer used by hand to control the whisking beat in order to get your ideal strength. There is a deep container at the end of the mixer made of high-quality plastic. That container maintains the components inside the mixer and keeps the area around it clean.

The mixer has 7 settings for speed in order to adjust it to the speed that suits you. It is easy to be used, cleaned, and stored.

Check out Kenwood Mixers here.

3- Modeling Dough Collection

It consists of seven different pieces:

  • A wide tray for placing and cooking pastries inside the oven.
  • A dough roller to roll out all kinds of dough.
  • Two aluminum profiles in different shapes to fit your needs.
  • 3 pieces of metal-shaped formers.

Having this modeling dough collection, you own a complete collection of kitchen appliances that will help you get great results.

Check out Modeling Dough Collection here.

4- Fine Sieve

It is a tool that is used to sift dry ingredients and drain liquids from solids. It is flexible and easy to use. It can be moved with only one hand, unlike the traditional sieve. It is made of stainless steel, so it lasts for years without damage.

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5- Decoration Pen

Is a long tube made of high quality plastic. It comes with three different decorating heads, in addition to a clamp for storage. This pen is used to decorate the edges and fill the blanks in cupcakes, rolled cabbages, and pastries of all kinds. You can also use it for some other kinds of dough, such as biscuits and mussels.

Check out Decoration Pens here.

6- Paper Molds

These paper molds are used to maintain the perfect shape of cupcakes and other various desserts. You can put them in the oven because they are made of high temperature-resistant paper. After taking them out of the oven, the pastry will remain inside its paper so that it can be easily decorated and filled.

Since these papers are distinguished by their bright colors and shapes, they can be offered to your guests, old or young, to delight them. They can enjoy eating your delicious desserts easily without removing the papers, so they keep clean hands while enjoying the food.

Check out Paper Molds here.

7- Easy-to-open Molds

These molds are characterized by an anti-adhesion layer that allows you to easily remove pastries without leaving any traces, so they are easy to clean without any effort. They are equipped with a fastening padlock to maintain the perfect shape of the cake mold. This collection comes in a variety of shapes (heart, square, and circle shapes) in order to attain new and innovative results.

Check out Easy-to-open Molds here.

8- Painting Brushes

They are Turkish-made brushes entirely out of silicone material to be safe and easy to use. They are used to paint pastries, molds, and trays. Being flexible brushes, they are suitable for all purposes.

Check out Painting Brushes here.

9- Professional Pastry Maker

It is a wonderful book that reveals secrets of the modern kitchen in the making of pastries of all kinds in simple and easy ways. It allows you to get the best recipes to make them yourself at home the same professional way that is offered by the most famous restaurants.

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